Soccer News: Bell 0-6 people understand the gap as the mountains to support education teacher

  Reporter Bai Guohua comment April 22, 2004, the Chinese team 0: 6 defeat to Barcelona; 2012 September 11, the Chinese team lost to Brazil 1-0 8; March 22, 2018, the Chinese team lost 0 to 6 Wales team。
  Well, not the first time tragedy, in this game, but Lippi is repeat the mistakes Haan and Camacho, 14 years later, north of Guangzhou's housing prices may have gone up tenfold, but China football is like a poor mountainous areas, is still marking time。   This is more than a good thing, a 0 to 6, can make people calm, people can understand the difference, you can let people know long way to go, you can let people know – revolution is not successful, comrades still work。   The game, Lippi great courage, as if he came with a mission, this mission is to make people completely understand national teams and the world's advanced level of the gap in the end how much – the defense of the match not to say but the strange thing is, Lippi did not actually arrange a defensive interception and relatively strong engineering midfielder, he composed with dual lumbar Huang Bowen and Hao Junmin two organizations are biased towards players and passing in front of the staff put even more exaggerated, Wu Lei, wei shihao, Gao Lin and Tai Po with the starter, although the formation is 433, but this arrangement is more like 424, right?  As a result, China halftime abused the Xiang, Wales played with life and life to become one of China Dalian, Wang Jianlin and thus echoed in the stands – at halftime, how many friends in the circle of friends on the microblogging sigh: Oh, Do not beaten 8-0 oh。   The second half, Lippi replaced five players in one breath, formation also revised to 352, Lippi of this arrangement is to tell you that the first half, I was wrong。   After adjustment of the Chinese team in the second half slightly changed, but it can not hide the gap on the strength of both sides。
The audience only bright spot is that in the Chinese Super foot shot in the post, this foot shot position, and the scene in the Chinese Super sigh kneeling on the ground, a lot like Zhao Junzhe 2002 World Cup in Brazil hit the goal post that scene?  Well, maybe a little better if all aspects, lose or will lose, but might not lose so ugly, at least Lippi think so, after he severely criticized the players: "Their attitude problem。 "There is the problem of this team, let Lippi slowly to solve it, but the Chinese team has problems, a person can not be resolved Lippi。
  Finally, thanks to what Wang Jianlin Wanda Group and sponsored by the China Cup, after all, they see the "poor mountain" Where is China's football, organized by the China Cup, is a Chinese football's "precise pro-poor"。   Ryan Giggs led Wales to thank the team, they may not do everything, but their performance has been enough to make those who are sober look at the Chinese team's hot-headed。 And Bell, he is a poor to support education teacher in the mountains, he casually told the children of the mountains: the outside world really wonderful to have the opportunity, you should go out and Chou Chou。   For more information please visit the soccer tournament winner 🙁 micro-channel public number: zqdyj888)。