How to eliminate bloating? After dinner bowed three times to try

Some people may encounter such as the following conditions, always feel stomach swollen for several days, do not want to eat, abnormal fears his stomach is not what's wrong。
To the hospital for examination, in addition to ptosis, no other problems。 In such cases how to do it there is a small way to ease the stomach discomfort that bend over to do some action after dinner, leaning forward can stomach, food enters the stomach antrum, promote emptying, accelerated digestion。 Specifically: three times a day after meals bend back to reach 90 degrees, the range should be enough, but the action is not fast, slow, gradual, each time for 1 turn?2 minutes。
Further, a half hour after a meal, you can walk 20?30 minutes。
Adhere to two weeks, there will be eased significantly。 Need to be reminded, suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease, reflux esophagitis people, not to use this method。 The elderly should be cautious attempt。
In addition, there are two aggravate bloating habits must be avoided。
First, immediately after a meal to eat fruit。
Second, immediately after a meal tea。
If bloating has been unable to relieve severe, it is recommended to take the drug under the guidance of a doctor gastric motility。