Barcode pay the new regulations implemented next month static scan code payment of daily allowance will cover it

  Next month, the central bank barcode pay the new regulations will be formally implemented。
What are the new rules bar code payment?Simply put, most consumer-related payments using bar code is static micro-channel and sweep Alipay merchants posted daily limit of $ 500。
If you want to go beyond this limit, you can choose to let the merchant to sweep on consumer phone displays dynamic barcode。
These days the Internet has also been debate over the "static bar code limit 500 yuan is enough," the problem in the new regulations。
Barcode static and dynamic barcode What is the difference?Why should the provisions of the said limits?Bank of new regulations have little impact on our daily payments and merchants who do?  Some companies have been equipped with scan code machine Beijing Wen Li girl who never took cash, mobile payment because she can meet the various needs of a day。
"Apart from work with a card, the order takeaway, visit Taobao, drink tea, even after work to a nearby play sandwiched dolls machines can pay by phone"。 But she felt that he could not spend 500 yuan a day, the central bank not to pay the new regulations affect bar code on her。   Yesterday, the Beijing News reporter visited the Chongwenmen found several small shops, after a number of businesses posting static bar code, the machine has been equipped with a good scan code。
Experts said static scan code limits such as bar code can effectively prevent swapped, Trojan horses and other risk of huge losses, generally will not affect the normal consumer use。
But for some small businesses, it still needs equipment upgrade scan code。
  In general, a bar code not only refers to a bar code, also including the now very common two-dimensional code。
Open the micro-channel or pay income payment page, you can see both of these two codes。 Static barcode effective long-term, usually attached to the counter by the merchant and other locations, and general bar code dynamically display the dynamic changes in mobile phones and other electronic screen。
  Last year, the central bank released the "People's Bank of China on the issuance of barcode payment service specification (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as "standard"), supporting the issuance of the corresponding technical specification, since April 1, 2018 formally implemented, marking the bar code payment the arrival of the era of standardization。   "Norms" of a focus is graded according to risk prevention capacity, payment services for individual customers bar code limit management。
"Simply put, the higher the user's level of risk prevention, the amount that can be traded higher every day。 "Kara paid Co. senior compliance director, wrote Tangling。
  Barcode easy to copy vulnerabilities caused by fraud in March 2017, CCTV reported that in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, have shared bicycle to a "malicious" two-dimensional code, users can not share the code to unlock the bike after the sweep, but to the private micro-channel payment page, there users deceived。 Also in July 2017, Chongqing local media reports, some companies reflect the two-dimensional code to be replaced, then the police arrested two suspects, the understanding that they profit more than 10,000 yuan more than 20 two-dimensional code by tampering with the way merchants。
  China Payment Clearing Association Executive Vice President and Secretary General Cai Hongbo said, different from traditional bank card, bar code barcode has paid visualization features, easy to copy, screen capture, transmission, can be printed, security is not strong。 Many bar code protection against criminals is weak, poor control environment these characteristics fraud。
The static barcode swapped, fraud forgery bar code, bar code embedded in the Trojan program as a result of customers' personal information leakage and unauthorized use of account funds, etc.。
  One is the only element of the user's own holdings and unique, can not be copied or not reusable; one is only known to the user's own elements, such as static passwords: according to the Bank of new regulations, payment transaction barcode verification can choose a combination of three elements , such as the digital certificate after the security authentication, electronic signature, and generating and transmitting via secure channels disposable security code; the other components are the biological characteristics of the user himself (e.g., fingerprint)。   Thus, the risk prevention capability is divided into four categories: up to Class A, which uses a digital certificate or a valid electronic signature elements, including more than two kinds of validating can be agreed with the customer independent single-day aggregate limit。 In other words, customers can determine their own daily spending limit。
  The lowest level is the d-level, small businesses that is attached to the above mentioned static bar code on the counter, same customer a single bank account or payment account for all single-day total transaction amount should be no more than 500 yuan。
  The middle of the second division, not including the use of two types of digital certificates, electronic signature, including (or more) effective elements to authenticate transactions, and individual customers daily trading limit of 5,000 yuan。 ?Inadequate level is the use of two types of elements to authenticate transactions, the transaction limit of 1,000 yuan。
   – Three questions scan code limit $ 1 500 limit it enough?  "Barcode pay with bank cards and other traditional payment instruments compared to certain deficiencies in the security of the transaction, the People's Bank adhere to the bar code for a small, convenient location, the bar code payment risk prevention capability grading。 "The central bank official said in answering reporters' questions in the previous。 "Small, convenient" is one of the keywords。
  Has issued a media day in day survey said the new rules, more than 60% of users believe that the $ 500 limit can not meet demand。
However, according to the Beijing News reporter a small-scale survey, if not used for large expenditures such as home appliances and the like, 500 yuan can basically meet the daily expenses colleagues around。   Mr. Zhang as working in Beijing, told reporters, according to 10 breakfast, lunch and dinner at 30 yuan count, even if the payments are used scan code, bar code static $ 500 limit is more than enough to meet the daily life。
  "Let's say that the static code is attached to a two-dimensional code on the cash register, this is not enough, in fact, there are other measures of a merchant initiative to sweep the customer can also choose to pay bank card or cash。 "Xue Hong Yan Su Ning, director of Internet Research Institute Center for Financial Research Financial interpretation of the Beijing News reporter。
  According to China Association of payment and settlement released the "2017 Mobile User Survey Report", 2017% of users have single payment in the amount of 100 yuan,% of users single payment in the amount of $ 100-500;% of single user payment amount 500-1000;% of single user payment amount in more than 1,000 yuan。
That% of users unlimited。   Xue Hong Yan believes that from the scene point of view, 500 yuan quota should be developed through a precise calculation, that is, according to the history of transactions to meet most users scan code at line payment needs, so for most users It will not have much impact。
  2 limits the impact on the relevant institutions?  "This provision is mainly in the guide, in fact, from a security point of view of。 "Xue Hong Yan said the new accounting rules for static and dynamic code structure of the code of these two transactions will have some impact, but for the payment giants trading volume, including the impact will not be particularly large banks。
  Xue Hong Yan believes that the payment giants First, it will transform the corresponding number in line with the regulatory requirements of the system, and second, some of the scan code tool to promote small businesses in the line layout。
  A payments industry practitioners to Beijing News reporter pointed out that the usual customers of small businesses, the $ 500 limit can meet the basic daily use, but there are a number of market segments, such as wholesale customers, "buy a box of goods are not enough。 "" So we have to change customer habits, so that consumers show a payment code, the merchant sweep consumer receivables。
"The source said that although the merchant using a mobile phone will be able to sweep, but in order to facilitate consideration, will give businesses with hardware。
But he also pointed out that would suit the hardware scan code to see the different business strategies, if any, companies will send, and some will tie-ins, some enterprises will be "first deposit, some time passed on to the" strategy。
  On the business rules, the new regulations also required to maintain the market order of fair competition。
Market institutions must not denigrate other market players in any form of business reputation, unfair competition means not harm the interests of other market players, exclude competitors, disrupt the market order of fair competition。   How to pay 3 leading to respond to new regulations?  New regulations for the central bank, after Tencent and Alipay have said it is exploring the feasibility of developing new technologies and new bar code technology in the field of payment。   In fact, the two giants to pay on the market still not a small promotion efforts in the barcode。 According to Alipay announcement that from February 10, 2018, the money code withdrawals free service upgrades that meet the requirements of the user, receivables funding can enjoy withdrawals free services; and Tencent had also said that October 17, 2017 – during the December 31, 2018 event, the use of micro-channel pay "receivables official production code" collection, will receive a free cash withdrawal limit。   Behind this is the mobile payment business scale continued growth。 After the central bank's report shows that mobile payment services in mid-2017 of billion, totaling one trillion yuan, an increase of% and% respectively。
  State Securities report pointed out that in 2017, mobile online payment scenarios penetration has reached 85%, basically saturated, and the next line market relatively empty in recent years become the main battlefield of competing major payment applications。
"Offline huge market size, is about four times the online market, will be the main source of future payment market increment, but also Alipay, micro-channel payment and other giants of the battleground。
"The report said。
  Beijing News reporter intern Li Xiaoli Mi Di。