Listed on the eve of a decade dream renewed hope to the Bank of Wenzhou awkward one million tickets | Wenzhou Bank

  Because the deposit and lending violations, accusing him of last year the bank has with a number of simultaneously punished Wenzhou Branch。 When Zheshang Bank (HK 02016) transferred to its executive chairman while advancing issues critical moment news came on the market, the same problem has emerged new financial, like a stone from Dongsheng God Chau proud to state that side Huaguoshan pop out the monkeys, the Chinese traditional commercial banks deposit the existing business structure loans stirred a snafu。
In particular, those local commercial banks, had relatively weak basis, rectification restructured yet to play a world they were enemies, the business space by squeezing more frequently。
  Of course, not without a fight on the option, people began to take the risk。
Just suffered regulatory penalties of Bank of Wenzhou, perhaps such representatives。   In early March, Wenzhou Banking Board of Bank of Wenzhou out one million yuan ticket, and the Bank of Wenzhou Wang given a warning, a fine of 50,000 yuan。
  According to "investment Times" reporter, in fact, Bank of Wenzhou in mid-2017 also received 650,000 yuan ticket。 The two penalties are involved in illegal deposit and loan business。
  This is certainly not a style of "moderate" bank。
Private lending turmoil early stage in the Wenzhou area has not been lifted, Wenzhou bank lending because of irregularities, triggering mob event in front of their own bank。
  Under the influence of multiple crises in 2008-2009 had been staged every year the bank's IPO, eventually becomes came to nothing。
  But things are changing。 Recently, the market exposed the news Zhejiang Bank Deputy Governor Ye Jianqing, chairman of the bank is about to assume office, speculation that the Bank once again the impact of capital market once again rampant。 But in such a sensitive time, unexpected regulatory fines。   Ticket refraction City firm embarrassing situation March 6, administrative penalties information Wenzhou Banking Bureau released data show that Bank of Wenzhou transfer of assets with repurchase agreements and no provision for capital; improper means inflated deposits and loans; management does not use loan funds place。 China Banking Regulatory Commission regulatory Wenzhou Branch based on "Banking Supervision Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 46; Article 74 of the "People's Republic of China on Commercial Banks"; Article 42 "personal loans Interim Measures," for Bank of Wenzhou fine of one million yuan。
  In addition to institutions, regulators, the individuals out a ticket: Wang Branch of Bank of Wenzhou Yongjia improper means to inflate deposit and lending behavior bear the main responsibility, China Banking Regulatory Commission regulatory Wenzhou Branch according to "People's Republic of China on Commercial Banks' eighth nineteen, to give them a warning, impose a fine of 50,000 yuan。 As Wang is what identity does not appear on the ticket。
  Coincidentally, in late February last year, Wenzhou bank also received a ticket, similar punished content, are illegal inflated deposit and loan business。
  2017 Wenzhou Banking Board issued share of the administrative penalty decision shows that the flow of capital, Wenzhou bank loans borrowers and dump certificates of deposit, deposits and other improper means illegal reasons fined 650,000 yuan。
  Specifically, the major illegal facts Wenzhou Bank (cause of action) is illegal to provide security for the investment industry, bear substantial risk, and not in the balance sheet or off-balance sheet reflects; the loan money back borrowers and dump certificates of deposit ; improper means to absorb deposits。 Made the decision date is January 22, 2017。
  "Punishment is twice the real problem behind the current banking industry is facing the embarrassment, the development of new financial squeeze the living space of traditional bank。
Evaluation of "The industry believes that。   China Banking Regulatory Commission website show that last year in Wenzhou banks punished in the same period, there have been several banks Wenzhou Branch punishment: namely, Wenzhou branch due to "loan funds flow back into time deposits, for the false trade background bills business" fined 450,000 yuan; Wenzhou branch due to "loan funds flow back into time deposits" fined 300,000 yuan; the Postal savings Bank (HK 01658) Wenzhou branch due to "dump bank loan funds, then mortgage loans" and "deposits as approval and issuance Prerequisites loans "and punished 700,000 yuan; Agricultural Bank of China branch in Wenzhou because 'loan funds into deposits', etc. fined 750,000 yuan; GF Wenzhou branch due to 'loan funds transfer bank acceptances margin'," through the loop handle trade background false bank acceptance bills and discounting inflated deposits "and fined 1.6 million yuan。   It is clear that the banking sector in Wenzhou, the problem is not related to the case。   In the list of penalties round Wenzhou Banking Bureau, in addition to Bank of Wenzhou, also includes two smaller body mass of agricultural firms, other types of banks have not received a similar punishment briefing。   He was punished last year, recurrence of the disease this year。 The industry believes that, due to the impact of previous Wenzhou private lending crisis continues, and the transformation of the financial environment, with Bank of Wenzhou, represented by local savings and loan banks in Wenzhou pressure is still large。
  Executive changes to market renewable waves Bank of Wenzhou listing plan has been around for at least 10 years, but private lending crisis in the aftermath of Wenzhou, Wenzhou bank listing plan has been rarely heard。
  According to the reporter, back in 2008, hundreds of shareholders of Bank of Wenzhou's first year to participate in the Extraordinary General Meeting, symposia apply for listing of the preparatory work as soon as possible to pave the way for IPO。
In the same year, the bank's board of directors issued a number of agenda, including: "on the company initial public offering and listing of the motion," "on the company's initial public offering and listing program motion," "on the company's initial public offering to raise funds investment projects of motion, "" motion General Meeting to authorize the Board of Directors for the company's initial public offering and listing specific matters "and so on。   In 2009, the Wenzhou bank by market counseling period。 However, due to a subsequent domestic securities market to suspend issuing new shares, the listing process was forced to a standstill。 2012 introduction of the "12 Rules of Wenzhou financial reform" is mentioned, "Bank of Wenzhou promote the introduction of strategic investors to increase their investment, public financing", but then was not any movement。   In 2014, the market rumors that the Bank of Wenzhou new listing plan has been submitted to the Wenzhou Banking Bureau, prepare diverted landing Hong Kong stocks to achieve, but in the end still nothing。
  Analysts believe that private lending dragged down by heavy, followed by several years been dealing with problems in the process, asset quality under pressure。
Public information display, December 14, 2015 to the end of the 12 weeks in the bank as the plaintiff court 72 times, including 68 cases involving financial loan contract dispute, expressly as an enterprise as the defendant's case from about 43。   It has meant that, recently, vice president of information related to Zhejiang banks Ye Jianqing will serve as chairman of Bank of Wenzhou transferred to, once again captured the imagination of the market。 After all, Zhejiang Bank was listed in Hong Kong in early 2016 to achieve, is currently being planned to promote the return of A shares。   The matter is not groundless。
Last December 15, the Wenzhou city government issued "on the market leadership of the principal candidates for hiring Wenzhou bank bulletin" circulated on the Internet, the announcement said the decision to market-oriented society hiring candidates for leadership of the principal banks in Wenzhou, including Wenzhou Bank Chairman Wenzhou Bank and (HK 00001) Wenzhou banking supervisors。   And when news came Yip will assume office, a hot topic of his annual salary。
  The report shows that 2016 pre-tax return is 10,000-Ye Jianqing。
But "on the market hiring Wenzhou bank chief leadership candidates notice", the basic annual salary of three posts were positioned 80 to 150 ten thousand yuan。
Not a small gap between the two。   However, industry analysts pointed out, 80-150 ten thousand yuan annual salary should be minimum wage, but the main part is in performance incentives and benefits, totaling at least should not be less than their previous salary levels。