Lan Kwai Fong Carnival food festival atmosphere as if more than 50,000 people attended

Like a carnival atmosphere, with the tour for a family。 Zeng Qingwei video according to Wenhui news report, a two-day "Lan Kwai Fong Street Food Festival" With heavy rain ended on the 24th, although the weather was not ideal, but a number of exhibitors said that hawking aimed at propaganda, but secondly to make money。 The General Assembly is expected to attract more than two days, 50,000 people arrived at the scene。 24 Showers bursts, the Hong Kong Observatory issued a thunderstorm warning three times more。 Hot pot shop "fresh finalists cook" the boss Mr. He said that while Saturday and Sunday have rain, but the rain will continue tourists avoid shopping finished, the crowd than he imagined and more, where the combination of very obvious increase in home。 He also said that this time the purpose of exhibition aimed at propaganda that these two days has reached the goal, and admitted that "If you want to make money selling other friends!"While the finger stalls to nearby Yakitori。
Earlier touted food truck "seven tables" responsible person Mr. Lin said that as of 24 evening, selling about 150 hot dogs, hot dogs too easy to eat to estimate, with days of heavy rain soaked wires and generators, leading from time to time power outages, affecting food production。
However, he refers to is the time to participate in the most important is to promote the brand, many people are interested in food during the big car that has been achieved。
Hong Kong Market Association said that in order to cope with the heavy rain, has been distributed in real time to each booth large transparent soft plastic to prevent rain affect the quality of food, the site also arrange electrician, real-time maintenance of power outages。
With his wife and daughter travel with Mr. Hong said earlier read in the newspaper that this time event, so come here, but he believes the small number of on-site stalls and limited food items, refer to too many sausages and skewers, providing hope more advanced, featuring the price of food。 He and his wife is expected to cost several hundred dollars。