Warriors Jiujiang 16 championship should be called Thunder!FMVP also said the matter

  Beijing March 14, according to US media reports, the former Warriors player championship Harrison – Barnes admitted that the 2016 NBA championship should be the Thunder in a recent interview, rather than the Cavs or Warriors。   "My view is that the Thunder 2016 playoffs might be the best team。 "Barnes said in the program," I mean, they were unstoppable, and we have no way to get them。
If not, Craig – Thompson in the Western Conference Finals Game 6 performance play crazy, if he is not of that crazy show, Thunder team to the Finals。
I mean Thunder lineup that, he can rebound and score them both。 "2016 regular season, the Warriors made the best record in NBA history to win 73, but once they fall behind 1-3 in the Western Conference finals Thunder。
Game 6, the soup of God on the road under the H-41 points, hitting 11 three-pointers, so that round series tie-break。 Warriors finally complete reversal。   However, after the Warriors leading 3-1 in the finals that year, he also reversed the Cavaliers lost the opportunity to successfully defend, prompting the Braves to make adjustments in the summer of 2016 and catch up with Kevin – Duran special, and Barnes were the Warriors give up, he then signed Dallas。
  In fact, Barnes was abandoned not because the Warriors and say, Andre – Andre Iguodala before also expressed the same view。   (Rosen)。