Nanjin of illegal cash loans applets: small micro-channel program to rectify a half months still "crime against the wind"

From early February to rectify the existing micro-channel applet and a half months, but the platform still "crime against the wind"。 February 26, reporter through the survey found, to "borrow", "identity card loan" as the keyword search still some small programs related。 Analysts believe that small micro-credit program cash letter threshold is lower than the cash credit platform, easier to become a channel for speculators engaged in illegal conduct lending。
Due to the number of small procedures, it may lead to more long lending practices, leading to the borrower debt, the final result of the emergence of a variety of difficult debt tragedy。
Loan modification on illegal cash credit line because of its small amount of cash, short-time loans, and without collateral, loan fast speed and other characteristics, since mid-2015, the rapid development in China, but with the continuous tighter regulation, a lot of illegal cash after a disguised form of credit lines to small programs, continue to engage in illegal lending。 Beijing Daily reporter found that in order to "borrow", "identity card loan" as the keyword search still relevant to some of the small programs, such as online loans, card services do rapid, lightning arrival, etc., the amount from $ 1000 to $ 150,000 per month。
Beijing Daily reporter for 10 hours preceding the program arranged by one survey found that only three small main program owned enterprises have qualified in the microfinance business registration information, most of them small cash loans subject to individual accounts program。
In addition, drainage to the net loan application has become a "means" small cash loans program, in a small program called "borrow money fast", the Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Tong Guo and Hou Tianxie phone number and verification code, is directed mobile application store to download an app called "borrow money fast"。 Reporters login to borrow money fast platform, click Apply Now borrowers need to fill in identity information, including education, marital status, identity card front and back photos, dynamic face photo, name, ID number, permanent address, emergency contact, emergency fill in when the contact, the system will prompt "borrow money fast" needs to read the address book contact information might not otherwise get a loan success。