Unanimously by the United States and California May 10 as the anniversary of the railway laborers

China news agency, San Francisco, May 8 (Reporter Liu Dan) – California House of Representatives unanimously passed the 8th annual May 10 as the anniversary of the railway laborers, in recognition of participation in the construction of the railway across the American continent ten thousand laborers。
The California Chamber of Deputies No. 31 of resolution proposed by Rep. Evan Low was selected from the Silicon Valley Chinese American, Chinese American Congressman induced Zhu, Zhou Li, the right Ding Li and Japanese House of Representatives and other co-signatories soil village, in the House of Representatives unanimously won the 8th。
May 10, 1869, took six years of American railroad was completed, is about 2000 miles (3200 km), one of the greatest works of the 19th century, the US economy make a significant contribution。 Ten thousand Chinese workers involved in the construction of the western section of the railroad, the Central Pacific accounts for about 80% of the company's total workforce。 At the ceremony to celebrate the rail link, but no one on behalf of laborers, their contribution was buried more than a century。 Evan Low 8 in parliament, thousands of laborers endure discrimination and prejudice, receive meager salaries, hard work in a tough environment and social high-risk work environment, only in the Sierra Nevada project, alone, about 1,200 Chinese laborers died landslide, blasting and other accidents, laborers courage and sacrifice can not be forgotten。
US Department of Labor on May 9, 2014 will be included in the railway laborers Honor Memorial, commemorating their outstanding contributions to the Memorial Hall of Chinese laborers entering the first Asian groups。 Editor: Fei Fan。