A dream Millennium

Left gaze is so, one can not find the next ferry both hands to spend, do not put the blessing on the right lapel!And tomorrow, tomorrow and every horizon。——– title remembered the wind, the rain, the temperature dropped, the cold air coming。….I'm in this gray atmosphere, and began another endless reverie!  Some things will remember for a lifetime, some people never want to forget, some will be deeply hurt to the bone marrow。  We want to remember the forgotten, but remember you want to forget。  Bonds of a dream, really everything I can dream?  In the early morning opened his sleepy eyes, his mind jumped out your first name always, always think of the first thing you say, first want to see your face always。After seeing a group of unique landscape, after touching read an article, always think of you, want to share with you, talk with you, even saw a touching words in the text, you will want to send immediately。Whenever I hear someone suddenly gave birth to what disease, what calamity, always secretly glad in my heart: Fortunately, you do not have。They always say in the diary every night for you in something, you can not help but to outline the figure, imagine your smile。Only you seem to represent“Love”This beautiful word。You must have appeared, I have every day this quiet life。  A life that will slowly go away, but I can not forget was the deepest heart, looking forward to Banghuang way home, buried deep in the heart of the kind of memorable, or a touch of melancholy rain, slowly immersed sad heart。Sadly, most people had left to remember, we have brought back。May still struggling to stand by the share of pain, that memory always wanted to come back, to my side hope, however, in order to truly through this once full of love and dream thoughts, but it's hard, man floating in the world, but always exciting and uninhibited fantasy life one hundred Wei。So they will be filled with happiness and the pursuit of unlimited desire, hope of happiness in their eyes, because too good, so did not have the heart to abandon the slightest, then walked into the memories, the memories are beautiful, and it is painful, Just like always helpless and black hair wrapped around the heart。  In a fantasy space, there is a feeling that is eternal wait; there is a care, love of silence。Flying true, look for the heart to rely on。There you have me, the illusion that we are lovers of love。We just strange faces, always dim room a warm feeling。  All the bits and pieces, such as a cup of floating flowers, in the heart of the cups and gently swaying。Each season I calm my heart, I miss the interpretation of a bloom with one voice, and with a smile tentacles pulled the soft rhythm。do you know?When those warm feelings eleven open heart in my hands, all my feelings nowhere to hide in your eyes, you know, or will all the happiness in the time of sorrow into a lingering shadow, in your dreams where, in my dreams, in our years。  This day open in this season, because these heart throbbing and again and again。Through encounter time I look in your eyes, that moment to have a look at my Keeper fall season, and I vaguely heard the whisper of your heart, I tried to find you in this whisper lost in the memories of past lives。  I quietly waiting here for you, waiting for the arrival of a touch of fragrance, filled the time where expectations have Acacia taste。Lily took a deep open your makeup, extending poetic mood in。Flower blooming flowers in the middle of the night, the edge of our past life, but also about our present and future, her beautiful eyes you search for thousands of years, but also the sadness I wait for thousands of years。  Liuhua purple street, meddle Bliss。Xu I encounter it, I can sing for you encounter a bustling, interlocking fingers moment will retain condensate engraved in my heart, I will use this moment plump your memory, you can also listen to the Moon at midnight each West Wing crooning。Maybe I can not let her sorrows in between the eyebrows as a Fallen flowers fall, but I can walk into the face of your dreams along the line you rolled into again and again encounter。  Always thought that we encounter, it is a thousand years of waiting for agreement。  Ancient ferry, I was standing near the water, green grass green shore, drizzle。Dressed in white, as if my emotions, white, pure。I have long standing in the shore, because you gave me a loving smile, the laugh, I look forward to the millennium, the millennium of waiting, waiting for you to come wading, waiting for you to hold my hand slender fine。  Wish, you can wade over, more hope, be able to put my hand in your palm, for this, I have been waiting for years。  I look to you, I saw bustling behind you, and you just stubbornly look to have my party.  I quietly look at you, give you a faint smile, I do not want to disturb your mind, I'll stay with you until you turn into the bustling behind, there is where you belong。  Just be sure not to look back when you turn around, I do not want you turned around and saw my tears do not want your love again I have pain the pain of the heart can not breathe。  I'll wait here for you, so you millennium。  But you have to remember, we must remember to stay again when a small boat, I want you to hold my hand gently took your boat。  This dream is the Millennium。