A dream of the horizon, a drunk Fangfei

Gently pull the window, the cold wind like an arrow piercing my clothes bone。I was trembling body, looking at the thick snow, the sky thoughts bloom for you, as you drift lonely soul。The heart has been broken, unforgettable love。Red terraced rice paddies, a dream horizon, you ever think, a drunk Fangfei, you still read。    In the days after the parting, I can only use the desolation of the text, write down dip weathered state of mind。Opened a few thick diary, some have been yellowed, but it has accompanied me through so many years during witnessed all my emotions, I have witnessed your eternal Qiannian。Text, a journal is a good friend of my life。    When I was busy chores of the day, dragging a tired body and mind calm down when out of habit diary, any text, thoughts swirling in the pen, but also any tears yearning enjoy pouring。Way back first, step into your castle, I take back the figure, throbbing heart will never retrieved。I often imagine in your castle: Yes, the scenery spectacular, colorful, warm spring, a warm and peaceful meteorological bar。Think of these, my heart aches, also paving the toes overlooking, but it is a confused。    You may know me outside the city?Miss you, gradually extending from sometime during the night infinite; miss you,“To eliminate the Iraqi people languish, pine end is not wide”; Miss you would like to do a dream and never wake up, as long as together, even the ends of the earth; miss you, I am often in solitary, toast invitation, get drunk。Sometimes it stumbled, and it seems there are numerous front lights shaking, foot floating, and I do not know how many fell wrestle, I feel finally climbed on the bed。If you suddenly appeared in front of me and took my hand, put the kite, facing the breeze, throw kite, kite slowly lengthen the line, watching the kite gradually rose into the air, the pleasant feel happy Fangfei each copy in every minute。However, he found himself sleeping on the ground when I woke up, saw the scars of their hands and faces, only the front of the sky heaved。    Wind, rain, nobody cares about me like a grass, long in the dark corners。Sometimes, I would like to stand in a towering tree, when you are out of town, you can become the eyes of a beautiful landscape, and perhaps make your eyebrows stepped forward to hug。First Millennium may, or a piece of paper desolate。And now I stand there, you are out of town, city or not, I will be waiting there with my beliefs persist, with like you, read your text warm。    Seasonal cycle, how much time carrying feelings, carved with traces of vicissitudes。Those methodical handwriting, telling endless clutter out of my mood。We look forward to a sum flower, a dream horizon, a drunk Fangfei。Ultimately, however, come to a sum of days of shortage, a heart-breaking study, Yi Tan thousand years of sadness。    When the Chunhuaqiuyue?I think if you die, longing, loneliness, sadness……Will come to。But I never regret to know you, you are not wrong, but you do not love the wrong。Because we can meet again, indicating that perhaps there is a tacit understanding between us, whether it is friendship or love, you are my life the most beautiful encounter。It is said that encounter is the edge of love is divided, whether or edge points, as long as you understand me all these years for your share is enough Qiannian。    In after years of waiting, tens of thousands of words I wrote a diary for you。I rely on the diary spent countless days and nights, many times only to sleep safely holding diary。After sleep, often dream of you come to me with a smile, gently embrace me in your arms, I look at you soulful eyes, can not help but shed tears of excitement, you also followed tears, but also kept with your Balmy hand, wipe my face hot tears, and then, from the romantic promontory to the horizon。Suddenly, he slipped the diary woke me。You know, I think a dream Millennium ah?    Dusk, I often leaves a person covered along trails, wandering in the rain, rain, could not help but think of the distance you imagine what will become of you look like, if one day you and I will hold a total of greaseproof paper umbrellas, stroll in the evening drizzle; Fuqin you or I sing, so beautiful notes filled the air。I kept thinking, his face already tell the tears or rain。At the moment, rain sandwiched Falling Petals whisper, get the breeze dancing, subtle fragrance surplus sleeves, as if you floated down from the sky, just a gently greeting, let me grin, elated。    The lights dim, warm snow fly。A dream of the horizon, a drunk Fang Fei, a sum flower, a heart-breaking study, Yi Tan millennium, strung together in my life could not resist tempting。    Red meet again, beautiful as ever feel nostalgic wind, water pouring more than thoughts。From the autumn rain, accompanied by the world“end”, These days the snow swirling into the prime, I was your prime hand keystroke and win a bunch of Balmy but bleak text, finally change Huileyiju“I was moved”。do you know?You very moved, I heart, mind a move to tears of thousands of lines。    “Sentimental farewell injuries since ancient times, more nakan, cold clear autumn festival!Where sober tonight?Willow shore, Xiaofeng moon。After this went on, it should be a really good time boom dummy。Then even if we have thousands of customs, but also with what people say!”Poem charm, my life is the best freehand。    now“I was moved”Three words, like a flying dragonfly, tap my heart lake, the ripples from the point pieces; like seagulls flying, passing my heart the sea, sparking waves blossoming; mellowness like dew drops my heart , moisten my veins like a wash of heart valves; like the other side of the navigation lights, so I can only sail boat tired heart toward you。But I deeply understand that you just“I was moved”Only, I was in no progress, let alone between your heart hand life。I also know that not everyone when I look back, that person can see the lights dim。However, I will stand dreams entrance waiting for you, like you, read you。