A friend, Zuimeng Millennium

Xuan window open the season, the day he accidentally got into April, in the morning, turn on the speaker, a "bosom friend" softly and slowly floated into the eardrum。    “Mountain green, water Bibi, Mountain and Flowing Water rhyme Yiyi, cries, weeping and complaining like moaning, sighed that rare friend in life, eternal bosom friend is hard to find the most。”Zheng sound ray of soft glide, stop and feel the hands are finishing the manuscript, the soul, like an awakened heart, at that moment inexplicable warm up。……    [A] has been like a bosom friend of the word, like standing Manwu peach, there are fragrant, he could feel, do not thin Oh, is that familiar smell; like sitting in the sunny season, the sun fell heart, even if silent , there will be warm straight to the heart。    Concert, is just how impressive a warm, pleasant smile was very small word ah!    A student, but had a girlfriend and scope of the word debate, quarreling bitterly, she thought, Concert, two people then do not say, two people equal to a man; I said, Concert, not necessarily have to become a people should be two people heart to heart, like-minded。Grow up, can understand the connotation bosom friend of not only this, many times, it is a perception in the extended。    I think that Chamber of Bliss, a military commander, concern for the fate; a chivalrous, portrait with pay, for Taoyuan, risked his life escorting Cai Xiao Fengxian fled, their love story can be described as heavy and warm。Cai Xiao Fengxian gave wrote a couplet in:“End do not believe beauty born unlucky, the dust never Touch of Zen”, But after the death of Cai E, Cai Xiao Fengxian gave elegiac couplet is:“Tianpeng miles south wing, straight spread upward, nakan hardship rest of his life, the final night stand Ping a dream; a few years Facets, reduced from worry, winning hero confidant, peach color also Chiaki”。Salon love, save the nation Chi, awe-inspiring, and this distraught love story to heartbreak and regret, a bosom friend, with utter sincerity, eternal story, imperishable noble spirit。    Mr. Jin's Republic of China, Lin Huiyin due to the admiration of literary talent and character, has been quietly followed, silently accompanied Huiyin also greatly admired for his beloved, spiritual communication between them can be described as unusual。Because knowing each other and understand, Mr. Jin in dealing with him, the emotional entanglements Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin, first and last are the highest intellectual control himself; because knowing each other and know how he Lin Huiyin love life, silently followed his life, but also his life quietly collection。    Room friendship easy to get, hard to find a bosom friend thousands of miles, Boya sub-period mountain stream, people getting killed piano pieces; Qing Cheng of band phase and lighting, eternal love。    But the original, Concert, a nod, a bow, a Gazing know it; aficionados, is a smile, a greeting, a clear Qiannian。    Salon is a buzz of mountain streams, and not be slow, but crystal clear; aficionados, and is separated by thousands of miles, in a vein in the wind fragrant, also could hear the heartbeat。    [Two] I do not know to meet with you is the edge a few of the world, because of the word, we come together; because the common pursuit, we know each other spend。Met you, I know that you are my bosom friend hard to find harps, a big crowd, then you are the man of my life to be like。    Dream of the day, the text is enchanting flowers, a sum affectionate, gentle and a tie, shallow fleeting, seems to have become accustomed to the Qing Ji, accompanied, until that day, you carry a roll of poetry appeared, from my world of color in riotous profusion。Come, I write Qiayu gazing, Geping to look, at first sight, a smile, a stunning early depths of the Red meet。    Who said a person's life will encounter countless times meet some people, you've seen and then forgotten landscapes, some people are in your heart take root sprout。To you and me, just so。Appreciate your beautiful words, Song of length, to his right at the heart of the outpouring restless, and my graceful precisely the style you like, listen, the cloud water two knowing each other accompanied by, get word, the mountain stream sing Concert。From then on, my every morning, you really filled greetings; every night, mixing earnest exhort you, unconsciously, you become I look forward to the day and night; the breeze, a drop of water close to the mountains far thoughts。    Have always believed that this world, there is an encounter, not on the road, but in my heart; there is a feeling, not stay together day and night, but it is accompanied by silence。A language, do not have to say anything, but every word voices; soon miss, irrespective of the distance, but they can marshes; one kind of know each other, not deliberately, but they can Zuimeng Millennium……    Often think, I'm your past life left behind kindred forget-me, the wind drifting through the years, through the poetry of incense, and finally again quietly blooming dream attitude you must pass through the intersection, I'm in your swaying incense before the painted screen, you look back at my freeze in the landscape。In many cases, some words do not need to export only laugh, as it is the minds think alike。    Mountain stream drunk, Concert of band and, fortunately, in the most beautiful years, we did not miss, you flatter me with a deep feeling Wang in hand, I return to a silent chamber gentle。A know, no eachother, even though silent, is also a warm, fly at tempting portrait; perception, the same solution Lanzhou。    The most beautiful Rhapsody, carrying a roll of gentle, spring vigil。This Fangfei spring day, it is the breeding season of green and charming, perhaps, also a tender sprout season it?Spread memory, picking up after years in the past, counting time, who smiles quietly shining in the distance?Who's calling quietly thrill in their hearts?    Mountain green, water Bibi, Mountain and Flowing Water rhyme Yiyi, rare friend in life, the most difficult to find eternal bosom friend, the speakers, Nagqu "Salon" continues。Spring flowers and heart Xin also warm, this life, not for forever, just for this season bloom Allure。    A friend, Zuimeng years, so, it is good。    Red smile put pen to paper on the night of 28 March 2014, a Yuen QQ1285207538; two BUILDING QQ2714169513