HONG KONG, March exports imports were down by 7 years.0% and 5.8%

  China news agency, April 26 electric Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department released March 26 external merchandise trade statistics, the value of Hong Kong's total exports and imports were recorded on-year decline, fell% and%。
  Following the February of this year recorded a decline in percent after a year, in March the value of Hong Kong's total exports of goods was 275.4 billion yuan (HK $, the same below), down% from a year earlier。
In February the value of imports of goods fell% in Hong Kong, the value of merchandise imports in March was 322.4 billion yuan, down% compared with the same month a year。
  By country and region analysis, March value of total exports of Hong Kong exports to Asia fell%; the same period, imports from most major suppliers decreases in the value, especially in Switzerland, and the United States were down%%。 However, the value of total exports and exports to India recorded an increase, rising% and% respectively; the value of imports from Malaysia and Thailand also rose% and%。
  The first quarter of this year, the value of total exports of goods fell% over last year; the value of imports of goods decreased by%。 The first quarter recorded a visible trade deficit of 97.5 billion yuan, the value of imports of goods%。
  A Government spokesman said that merchandise exports remained sluggish performance in March, reflecting the global lack of demand, and weaken regional trade, most of the major market performance is still poor。
  The spokesman further said that looking into the future, slow global economic growth will continue to limit export performance in the short term in Hong Kong。 In addition, the normalization of US monetary policy, the central bank's main monetary policy differences, and tense geopolitical situation in the world, the uncertainties derived also unfavorable export prospects, the SAR Government will closely monitor the situation。 Editor: Habits in。