Li Mengxian memorial service was held on the 17th coffin on display rare courtesy City Hall

December 15 the first Chinese mayor of San Francisco electrical Li Mengxian 12 am local time in San Francisco investigation Ke Boge San Francisco General Hospital died, triggering shock city。
San Francisco city government announced on the 13th, Mayor Li Mengxian memorial service will be held on the 17th (text times are local) was held in the rotunda of the city。 The statement said a memorial service will begin 3:17 pm, will be open to the public to participate in the "case of the site permit", that is, people want to participate in the best ARRIVE EARLY。
The city said that before the memorial service, Li Mengxian's remains will be from 8:00 to 7:00 pm in the city park in the 15th round in the hall, people can come to mourning, and can sign the memorial book, spot there are security team composed of police officers responsible for maintaining order。 San Francisco etiquette director Schulz said rotunda 17 day will be set about 900 seats, the other space enough to accommodate hundreds of people standing。 She said: "This is a beautiful place with a balcony, it can accommodate many people。 "She said, City Hall doors will open at 17 at 2 pm, unable to enter the venue of the public can go to the San Francisco Municipal Library and Municipal Square to watch the ceremony live。 Schulz said that not all the mayors of San Francisco, the coffin will be parked in the rotunda of the memorial for the people, for the people here in the past include former mayor memorial Christopher, Moscone, former City Councilman Harvey Milk and San Francisco's first African female alderman Haqi。 (China Overseas Network, US media reported overall) Editor: Fan Fei, Habits in。