Migraine how to do relaxing treatments used to eat

Migraines are office workers often encountered problems, Touyunnaozhang, intermittent pain like we let the young head was brought magic spell, seriously affecting their work efficiency and mood, then how can we do it, it is a small series to teach you how to eat with a headache。
Porcine yam wolfberry stew Ingredients: Chinese yam, Chinese wolfberry 30 grams, a porcine brain, rice wine, the amount of salt。 System usage: Porcine torn off the fascia stand immersed in water。 The Chinese yam, after washing with porcine brain wolfberry pot add the right amount of water with stew。
Cook for about two hours after the addition of an appropriate amount of salt to the pot and rice wine, then simmer for about 10 minutes Serve。 This only eat one every three days。
Efficacy and indications: migraine patients This side has a nourishing liver and kidney, qi and yin of efficacy, especially for heart palpitations, shortness of breath, weakness and pale and other symptoms of use。
Oatmeal carbohydrate eating too little brain energy is not enough, also easy to make a headache。
So headache patients can consider some healthy carbs, migraine how to do easily by eating spinach spinach studies have confirmed that the treatment can lower blood pressure, prevent hangover, relieve headaches。
Summer season, few wish to eat spinach salad。 Fine green tea ingredients: green tea, 1 g, 10 g Eriocaulon, honey。
System usage: the wok with green tea and Eriocaulon add the right amount of clean boiled after about five minutes to slag juice Serve。 Before drinking this concoction in which you can add some honey。
This only drink a day, fractional drinking。
Efficacy and indications: This side has Qufeng analgesic effect, the use of migraine patients for a variety of causes。 Ginger syrup: Take 3 ginger, 15 g brown sugar, boiling water, hot clothes。
3 times a day, each serving 500 ml。 For headache patients exogenous cold caused the。
Migraine how to do relaxing treatments used to eat boiled duck gourd root: root 150 g fresh loofah wash, and duck two decoction。 With headache, migraine。
Coffee alcohol makes blood vessels to dilate, increasing headache; caffeine was able to constrict blood vessels, relieve headaches。
However, caffeine relieve headaches limited role, excessive intake will increase the degree of dehydration of the body, the headache intensified。 Therefore, preferably not more than a cup of coffee。