James 21 points and 14 rebounds 63 points the Heat Big Three 76 grams playoff opener

Wind, when the first section there are 4 minutes 12 seconds, the third of Meeks them to 25-11 ahead 11 points。
After Wade finally hit a ball, the Heat will narrow the gap slightly。
After the first section, the Heat to 19-31 behind。
  Heat to a very rapid counterattack。
The middle section II, after James steals ready fast break, was fouled near the center line, made two free throws。 In the next possession, James got the rebound, Chalmers third hit, the Heat to 39-38 beyond, this is the first time leading the Heat。
After 76 turnovers, James and Wade three consecutive layup, the Heat completed a wave of attacks 26-5, in this section there are 3 minutes 46 seconds to lead 45-38。
76 people even call in less than two minutes twice suspended, Elton Brand and Thaddeus – Young finally continuous succeeded, the Heat's offensive stopped。 James scored 12 points in the second quarter, the Heat to 35-18 victory over this section, the first half to lead 54-49。   Lead the Heat to play a more active。
Section 6 minutes and 54 seconds, James from behind to catch up in the back on defense, to Wade and Meeks were knocked to the ground, knee Wade fell a bit, but not not be affected much, the next attack he succeeded in shooting, the Heat to 66-56 double-digit advantage。 Wade is very hard, twice fell to the ground scrambling, this section there are 2 minutes 49 seconds, he was hit in the cast, the Heat to 76-62 to expand the。
Heat was ahead 16 points, to 80-69 after three dominant。
  76 people can not be reconciled without a fight, the last a few degrees counterattack。
When more than half of the fourth quarter, Thaddeus – Young fast break layup when the shoes were stepped off, but still shooting。 He no time to put on shoes, pick it up and throw to a teammate on the sidelines, bare foot to participate in defense, only stopping to put on the next。   Is to be the "barefoot shoes are not afraid," the old saying goes, Holliday After less than a minute hit two consecutive three-pointers, 76 wave of attacks hit 12-0, in game 2 minutes 23 seconds when, Thaddeus – Yang alley-oop layup, 87-88 behind with only 76 people, the game appeared suspense。   Miami failed to score nearly five minutes, pointer with 2 minutes 03 seconds to hit two free throws by Bosh。
Since then James grabbed a key rebound, Wade backcourt to force a breakthrough hit a plate front, the Heat to 92-87 to expand the。
Heat is more critical moment of calm, James, 34 seconds before the whistle gave Holliday a big hat。 The last 1 minute 24 seconds 76 people failed to score, escape a defeat。
  Heat starting lineup: Mike – Mike Bibby, Dwyane – Wade, "Big Z" Ilgauskas – Chris Bosh and LeBron – James; 76ers starting lineup: Zhu – Holliday, Joe Di – Meeks, Spencer – Spencer Hawes, Elton – Elton Brand and Andre – Andre Iguodala。