Oral ulcer diet principles mouth ulcers that what foods to eat

Diet principles, oral ulcer is a very common disease, I believe many people have experienced, later I got very uncomfortable, a lot of things can not eat, then what oral ulcer diet principles, together with the small series to see oral ulcer diet it introduces the principle of!Oral ulcer diet principles 1, to ensure the intake of B group。 , Liver, egg yolk,, duck, oysters, etc., they are rich in vitamin B2, have a good effect on the integrity of the promotion of ulcer healing, maintenance of mucosal。 2, pay attention to add: long-term do not eat "bad mouth" and mouth ulcers caused by egg yolk。 3, to ensure high quality protein intake is to repair oral ulcers nutrients necessary。 4, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, drink more water, vitamin and trace element supplements, prevention and treatment of oral ulcers have helped。
Wherein, celery, beans, lettuce, spinach, rape, garland chrysanthemum, lotus rich in crude fiber, nature of cold, holding stool, fire down effect; red berries, strawberries,, oranges, vitamin C, should always eat。 5, pay attention to oral hygiene is recommended: frequent ulcers, may wish to daily morning gargle with salt water, may have some effect。
Oral ulcer diet principles 1, avoid eating spicy condiments such as vinegar, ginger, onion, star anise, etc.。 These foods will not only induce pain, but also to stimulate ulcers, it further expanded。 2, avoid eating hard foods such as fried rough, fried chicken, nuts and the like。
Because these hard foods prone to collapse friction surface, worse。 3, Jichi tobacco and chewing gum ,, ,, hot food and spicy barbecue, fried products, etc.。
These are easy to trigger or aggravate mouth ulcers stuff。 4, avoid eating foods after polishing, such as the end of the bread sheet or the like, because the food after grinding, tend to adhere to the surface of the ulcer, ulcer healing surface。