Afterlife, I seek to Hawthorn。

13 years old, I did not even know there is a world called lotus flower, day, big sister to my high school class but also dressing, down from the upper berth at the same table, put a charge handed to me and laugh at me strangely the。  I took charge, amazed at her beauty, and finally know that past life is parasitic in charge of water thousands of years ago Mae, between the depths of 500 years of time to meditate cloud water, only in exchange for the color press peaches and plums, shaped absolutely Mayfield。  My past life and he must be met on the turning cylinder bar?One day I asked the Buddha, the Buddha just tell me: past life, I was Dutch, living on earth will be arranged for this life。  Past life, I was Dutch, the heart implied, are you holding books, dressed in a gown so beautiful I forgot to breathe。  Past life, I was Dutch, central Kingston water, wind smile, jiggle and colorful, Yilianyoumeng, light open outside dust。  This life, this mountain heavy water away, this gazing on the TV, even if lingering tears staining, such as lotus seed core bitter, I still regret, a soft spot for you。  Life, because twist of fate, I would like to lower the dust, for the sake of the next life in the palm of your hand, Andu。  Dust in the horizon, in the depths of the soul is filled right close。Bamboo pen outline, Taoyuan, how can you miss left bank of care placed on the right bank。  Such as lotus mind, posture willing Still water runs deep, and you give me a ride: half bright, half sad, quietly waiting for my afterlife。  Afterlife, reincarnation I should be grateful, keep a pool of still water, according to a group of Maple Leaf, waiting for you, waiting for you across the Past and Present, covered with Reeds along the trails to the pond to find me。  Afterlife, above terraced rice paddies, flowers Bingdi, life-long dependency, stubbornly persists, the water fairy just like you and me。