Looked up only nosebleed can be fatal!The correct way to be aware of (1)

  Nosebleeds do you still looking upward?The rise of bleeding, nosebleed will flow to the mouth, trachea and even can lead to airway blockage, difficulty breathing, life-threatening。Nosebleed correct hemostasis methods: ① sitting position, head forward, pinch the nose on both sides with the thumb and index finger; ② cold forehead, nose; ③ not panic, blood pressure surge easily。  Nosebleeds how to do?  Children's nose bleeding occurred in 4?10 years old, and more than 90% of epistaxis occurred in front of the nasal septum below。A front downward septum vascular network consisting of arteries and veins, where the thin mucosa, no venous valves, known as nasal bleeding region easily medically。
Since the forward position, when subjected to external shocks, it is easy bleeding。
  Many reasons for nose bleeding, there are local, but also systemic。
Local reasons nasal bone, nasal vestibulitis, nasal foreign body, nasal hemangioma; upper respiratory tract inflammatory systemic reasons, aplastic anemia, thrombocytopenic purpura, cirrhosis, vitamin?Deficiency, hemophilia, leukemia, etc.。
  When the child nose bleeding, parents do not panic, the children should be sitting or semi-sitting position, head slightly forward, not supine position, can not head back, so as not to choke the blood into the respiratory tract。
If the bleeding will increase the blood flow into the throat, cough stimulate the throat。
Cold towel head available at this time, a little finger pressure is applied on the nose 3?Five minutes, it can be sterilized cotton dipped in a solution of adrenaline or Yunnanbaiyao%, nasal packing for 10 minutes, then gently remove the cotton。
  Prevention 1.Keep the room quiet, clean, temperature should be appropriate。
Keep indoor air fresh, appropriate window ventilation, the temperature should be maintained at 18?20 ℃。
Due to the air is too dry can induce nasal bleeding, the air humidity should be ≥60%。  2.Weekday activities for the elderly when action should be slow, do not force blow your nose, cough symptomatic。
  3.Some diet to get into digestible soft diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid spicy food, and keep stool, constipation may be given laxatives。
  4.Elderly patients with multiple epistaxis with hypertension, coronary heart disease, bronchitis, etc., should be regularly primary disease prevention must be the appropriate treatment for the cause, especially in patients with hypertension, the blood pressure must be controlled as quickly as possible to normal or near normal the levels were observed changes in condition, and in a timely manner to the hospital。
  5.For children epistaxis patients should correct the children dig nose, nose rubbing, curious foreign objects and other bad habits easily lead to mucosal damage。