After the Sino-Japanese dialogue interrupted Finance Minister Lou Jiwei recovery two years: to promote bilateral industrial cooperation

Japan finance ministers will continue to improve bilateral relations after the injection of positive energy in Japan finance ministers dialogue interrupted Finance Minister Lou Jiwei recovery two years to make three recommendations was held in Tokyo next year, according to Xinhua News Agency Xinhua Sixth dialogue planned in 2013 held the fifth China-Japan Finance ministers dialogue, yesterday morning to restart the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, China Finance Minister Lou Jiwei and Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Japan Taro Aso co-chaired the dialogue。The dialogue was held, was widely regarded as the warming of Sino-Japanese relations positive performance。  At the opening ceremony, Lou Jiwei put forward three proposals。He said that Japan are the world's second and third largest economies, their economies healthy development of both sides and the world are of great significance。The two sides should strengthen communication with the candid in-depth macroeconomic policy coordination, to jointly promote the two countries and the global economic recovery and development。  Lou Jiwei proposed that the two sides should promote bilateral pragmatic open industrial cooperation。Ministry of Finance and the two countries should be prepared to engine lubricants bilateral economic cooperation, promote exchanges and cooperation in various fields budget, social security, to deal with aging, treasury, tax, public debt management, in order to complement the Sino-Japanese strategic and mutually beneficial relationship new impetus。  Lou Jiwei also suggested that the two sides should work together to promote positive and promising Asian and global economic governance。And Japan should make good use of the Asian Development Bank, the East Asian Financial Cooperation Mechanism multilateral mechanism and the "10 + 3" Macroeconomic Research Office and other Chiang Mai Initiative, to provide financial and intellectual support for economic development in Asia。  Taro Aso at the opening ceremony of the first China expressed condolences on the Yangtze River passenger ship capsized recent events。He said the two economies are in a very important situation, hope in the dialogue the two sides can exchange views frankly。  The dialogue meeting, the two Ministers agreed to hold the sixth session of finance ministers in Japan in Tokyo, Japan next year。  >>Japanese Finance Minister background information in the dialogue mechanism between the two countries is the consensus in the Sixth ASEM Finance Ministers' Meeting held in June 2005 agreed on。In March 2006, when he was appointed Minister of Finance Jin Renqing and when he was Japanese Finance Minister Sadakazu Tanigaki and Japanese finance ministers held their first dialogue in Beijing, when he was appointed deputy minister of the Ministry of Finance Lou Jiwei also participated in the first dialogue。  Sino-Japanese Finance Minister once dialogue was held in Tokyo, Japan, April 7, 2012 Fourth China-Japan Finance Ministers dialogue, when he was appointed Minister of Finance Xie and the then Japanese Finance Minister Azumi co-chaired the dialogue。On that conversation, the two finance ministers have agreed to hold the fifth China-Japan Finance Ministers Dialogue in China in 2013。  >>News Analysis and Japanese finance ministers will inject positive energy every year in spring 2006, the first Sino-Japanese Finance Minister Dialogue was held in Beijing for the continuous improvement of bilateral ties, when he was deputy minister of the Ministry of Finance Lou Jiwei had participated in that dialogue。Turning to Japan nine years after the finance ministers' dialogue, Lou Jiwei said that the platform is important for improving Sino-Japanese relations。"China and Japan narrow strip of water, is the heart of peace and friendship between the two peoples hope。Sino-Japanese friendship is conducive to economic development in Asia。"Lou Jiwei said at the opening ceremony of the dialogue will。  Just less than two weeks ago, the Sino-Japanese friendly exchanges held in Beijing, more than 3,000 friends from various circles from Japan 47 prefectures gathered in the Great Hall。Xi Jinping attended the Sino-Japanese friendly exchanges between the meeting and delivered an important speech。  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Gao Hong, deputy director of Japan Research Institute, said such a large delegation to China, in itself shows that the Japanese people a lot of people look forward to improved relations between the two countries, they are willing to take a friendly, positive attitude and the way to face problems。Experts said that due to the geographical proximity, the two countries in many areas of interest are the same, should be used to improve the favorable opportunity of the good relations between the two countries, expand exchanges and mutual trust accumulated。  In the dialogue, the two sides agreed that the volatility of commodity prices, risk factors for the global economic recovery process of economic policy spillovers and other major developed economies expressed concern about the impact of。Japan stressed the need to further deepen bilateral pragmatic cooperation in Finance, including the strengthening of communication in the budget, taxation, social security system reform, public debt management and tariff policies to support bilateral cooperation in economy, trade and investment fields。  China Institute of International Studies, director of the Institute of World Economy and Development Jiangyue Chun believes that the recent China and South Korea signed a free trade agreement, Japan is a positive stimulus。China is expected to be a large part of the market shifted to South Korea, Japan will likely to be affected in the Chinese market。The finance ministers held a dialogue in this context, there is a certain positive role in promoting the future of Japan and South Korea free trade agreement。  "Under favorable conditions had improved momentum of Sino-Japanese relations, the two sides need to be more sincerity, vision and pioneering spirit, mutual trust and continue to accumulate the results of Finance pragmatic cooperation, positive energy is injected into the continuous improvement of Sino-Japanese relations。"Said Lou Jiwei。  Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency