Bank of Japan to maintain an accommodative monetary policy unchanged in line with expectations

Remittance Network April 30 hearing – Thursday (April 30) Asian market trading, the Bank of Japan [microblogging] published the results of semi-annual policy meeting, announced the monetary policy unchanged, pledged to continue to 80 trillion each year dollar rate to expand the monetary base。Resolution results in line with market expectations, the US dollar against the yen refresh intraday low of 118.65。  Bank of Japan declared the resolution, the board member Kiuchi Gordon British proposal to adjust monetary policy at a speed of 45 trillion yen in the year to expand the monetary base。But Kiuchi Gordon British proposal was again rejected by the majority of members。Policy decisions voted 8 to 1 by。  US dollar lower against the yen after the statement issued resolution。Although the resolution as a whole in line with expectations, but relatively empty and nothing new content to make a lot of hope that the bank overweight loose disappointed traders, and therefore the exchange rate pressure。  Later attention 14:30 Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda press conference。Kuroda focused on comments at a press conference on oil prices, inflation, monetary policy and the future of the yen made。In addition, the Bank of Japan will announce the latest economic forecast inflation report。  12:11 GMT, the dollar against the yen reported 118.70/72。