Hong Kong media: China's overseas investment in Venezuela safest most dangerous German | Venezuela | investment | Germany

  Hong Kong's "South China Morning Post" website December 31, 2015 published a report entitled "Chinese people overseas to do business in places where the highest risk?The map can tell you, "the report, compiled as follows: the Chinese people, Venezuela is the most dangerous destination for investment, the investment environment even worse than Iraq and Sudan, while Germany is the safest place, followed by US and UK。   This is the CASS Institute of World Economics and Politics published the latest findings。 The institute is a government think-tank。   Despite the continued growth of overseas investment – – 11 months of 2015, China's foreign investment up 16% to $ 104 billion – although some companies suffered huge losses in overseas trading。   The problem agreement includes a controversial dam project in Myanmar and Afghanistan postponed a copper mine development project。   Academy of Social Sciences Institute of World Economics and Politics of the 57 countries evaluated according to locally developed rating system, these countries in a non-tax-based destination of Chinese foreign investment。 It provided a risk assessment map for Chinese investors to expand overseas。
  The government think tank, said: "While the rapid growth of foreign direct investment, external risks faced by Chinese enterprises overseas investment is also significantly improved。 Therefore, to do risk early warning, and then accurately identify and effectively deal with the associated risks, it is an important prerequisite for Chinese enterprises to improve the success rate of overseas investment。 "To this end, the Institute has developed a risk rating system to measure the risks faced by Chinese enterprises in each country。
The overall risk of a country is determined by its economic and social conditions of the foundation, solvency, internal conflict and security, as well as political risk decisions。   In addition, relations with China and these countries is also a separate sub-index。
  Measured from the perspective of friendship with China, ranking very front in many countries, such as Laos, Tajikistan, Sudan and Burma, but these countries for foreign investment in high-risk areas。
  At the same time, some developed countries, although China is not so warm, but it is a good place to invest。   Venezuela has been a key ally of China in Latin America。
This month Venezuela's political situation has changed, the opposition overwhelmingly won parliamentary control, which is 17 years after Chavez launched the socialist revolution in the biggest change。   On the other hand, in relations with China, the United States ranked only 22, but it was named China's second largest overseas investment people safe place。 Academy of Social Sciences Institute of World Economics and Politics think Pakistan is China's best friend, but because of mediocre scores on the economic and political fundamentals, so from an investment security is only ranked No. 35。
After its ranking in Uzbekistan, Iran and Greece。
  According to official statistics, China has nearly become a net flow of long-term funds abroad。
2015 11 months, the inflow of foreign direct investment in China was $ 114 billion, an increase over the previous year%。