Pregnant women should be how to take the right posture for pregnant women

How should sit?Pregnant huge bulging belly, are sometimes difficult even to sit down, then you know how pregnant women should take it?Following small to tell you exactly how pregnant women should take it。 How pregnant women should take the pregnant mother sat in a chair should not be too high, too low, it should be 40 cm is appropriate。 When a standing position to sitting position, the pregnant mother is supported at first hand in the thigh or arm rest, sit down again slowly。 When sitting on slightly before the front, the lumbar support to the seat back with both hands shuffling direction, and then move the seat back to the hips, straight back, so comfortably against the back, splayed feet parallel。
Deep in the seat, on the back straight back, thigh horizontally and at right angles to the knee, low back pain hardly occurs so。
The best choice for a chair with backrest, seat back as far as possible, the back leaning back straight。 Hip and knee joint at right angles to keep the state, the legs should be as level as possible, parallel legs may suitably diverge。 Therefore, pregnant mothers the correct posture is to put back against the chair back, where necessary, can put a small pillow in place by the kidneys。
If the pregnant mother is sitting work, it is necessary from time to time up and move about, because this will help blood circulation and prevent hemorrhoids。
If the pregnant mother, or write a lot of work on the computer, it is best to give yourself at least every hour or less to relax。
If the pregnant mother to travel long distances by train, sit in their seats for hours on the body is harmful。
So on the train it is necessary to stand up and move around in the car, to facilitate blood circulation。 A trolley bus, bus and subway pregnant mothers, for their own health and the sake of the unborn child, do not be ashamed to find himself a seat, because the brakes will make you lose balance and fall。 Pregnant women should be how to take office in pregnant women the right to work when sitting sit through eight hours, correct posture pregnant women can help alleviate a lot of burden on your body, on the contrary, incorrect posture of pregnant women will not only make your back pain, and may make you there are worries。 When sitting back straight, shoulders back pressure。
Hips should be in contact with the seat back。 Finally, when sitting behind a cushion lumbar pad。 If you have not lumbar pad or other things to support the back, you can sit on a chair the whole, backed by the back。 Keep the body upright for a few seconds and then relax。