Latin America cooperation to upgrade the US-Japan helpless

The just concluded China – pull ECOWAS First Ministerial Meeting of the Forum, both extraordinary attention to Latin America。 A ministerial meeting, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the meeting and made a keynote speech long, three aspects of Latin American leaders attending, such a "heavyweight" so that this forum has been in the spotlight at the world, there are two reasons: First, by meeting Beijing Declaration and other three files to seize the opportunity to pull the overall cooperation, made a number of wealthy innovative guiding principles, objectives and implementation of ambitious path, significance。
Media said the forum as "a milestone in Latin America", "marriage of the two sides" move, was not excessive。 Second, to create a forum in Latin America "upgrade" sign bilateral economic cooperation between the raw commodity trading, money into the relationship, upgraded to the overall cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win partnership。
This is for China to cooperate with developing countries in other regions, with a typical value of meaning and mode。 The forum also of great significance to the parties, stakeholders。 Latin America, in addition to the aid of the political aspirations of China's international influence and economic aspects of China there are at least three good, or that the three major needs。
One is optimistic about China's loan。
Latin America suffered from the Western financial crisis, the recent economic slowdown, the recent oil and raw material prices have fallen, making it more worse。 "The next 10 years the stock of Chinese investment in Latin America will reach $ 250 billion," this desire for funding outside its Latin American countries through the immediate difficulties and promote long-term development, it is tantamount to 久旱逢甘霖。 The second is optimistic about the Chinese market。
China is a big buyer of Latin American oil, minerals and food, is also said to increase imports of manufactured goods in Latin America。 "The next 10 years, with trade volume will reach $ 500 billion" is not difficult to imagine that the Latin American countries this figure what importance。
For China, how to more effectively use the excess capacity and filling foreign exchange floor large population, spending power is not weak in Latin America, it can be said to be a good place。 Over the years, the momentum is very busy pulling economic cooperation, bilateral trade rate of 30% annual rate, the current annual trade volume reached about $ 260 billion。 A large number of Chinese enterprises optimistic about the prospects, have a go to Latin America。
There is no one that every success, and Latin America is no exception cooperation。
Interference and obstacles, both from the political system and historical and cultural differences the two sides, the success or failure of the change of various political forces in Latin America, but also from external forces of obstruction and below the belt, especially the United States and Japan。 Although in recent years in Latin America "to Americanization" of the wind blowing, but the United States is very resistant to external forces to enter Latin America。
"How can we allow others to sleep side of the couch," This is the American concept of deep bone marrow。
But the United States is going downhill, unable to meet the requirements of Latin American countries in Latin America to step forward, only anger and do nothing。 Japan has long despised in Latin America, where it leads to limited impact。 For example, the daily volume of trade is not pulling in and pulling 1/4。
After Abe, Japan's intent to expand presence in Latin America, with the United States to contain, crowding China。
July 2014, Abe visited five countries in Latin America, all the way Tiaoba Latin America relations, provoking China and the US battle。
Japan in the future will continue to develop trouble-Latin America relations。
Although small loach not afford to turn big waves, but also Bukebufang。
It's safe to say that great strides in Latin America, is a major manifestation of the changing international situation, is a historical necessity, it has irreversible character。 Its development trend, can be used to describe this verse: Aoyama not cover the river from flowing eastward。 (Lloyd Wood, columnist) overseas network channel original, please indicate the source of overseas net (), or they will pursue legal responsibilities。
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