And the New Deal emphasis on coal group will grow faster landing in 2020 constituted 10 million ton giant

In the production capacity and to the background of the coal industry mergers and acquisitions into the fast lane。"Economic Information Daily" reporters learned that the relevant departments to speed up the introduction of guidelines to promote transformation and upgrading of the coal industry mergers and acquisitions, the implementation of sub-regional mergers and acquisitions of small coal mines within two years, and strive to the end of 2020, the country formed about 10 million ton "Big Mac"。In addition, to encourage among enterprises to strengthen regional cooperation through the stock exchange capacity, resources, mutual insurance, etc.。  Local policies on the ground is also coming, Henan and Guizhou coal enterprises merger and reorganization measures have surfaced, state-owned coal-producing province of Shanxi program is expected to be introduced before the end of April。All this made the capital market is expected to continue to heat up, but insiders pointed out that, subject to a number of factors management system, personnel and other debt, large-scale coal mergers and acquisitions, especially cross-regional mergers and acquisitions difficulty is relatively large, coal, coal, coal rank, binding on coal Science and Industry and other downstream operations easier。  According to the government work report in mid-2017, coal production capacity this year to withdraw 1.500 million tons, the use of more market-oriented, rule of law means to promote corporate mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and liquidation。"To resolve excess capacity is necessary to focus on the current, but also long-term perspective, we will go to production with mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and upgrading, optimizing the layout into consideration and promoted simultaneously and continuously improve the overall quality and competitiveness of core industries。"Wang Xiaolin, deputy director of the National Energy Board recently held the coal industry production capacity to stabilize supply, said the forum。  Lei Xing, director of China Coal Economic Research Institute of Coal Research Center, the listed company Central University of Finance to accept the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, also said one of the problems facing the coal production capacity to the current coal industry concentration is too low and too small coal mines there are security risks, the need to eliminate backward production capacity, the development of advanced production capacity, improve their ability to respond。  To this end, the tide of this round of mergers and acquisitions of small coal mines to the first scratch。According to claim subregion advance, Monning of Shanxi, Shaanxi and other four regions 300,000 tons / year (containing 30 tons / year) to 60 tons / year (excluding 600,000 tons / year) coal, black Ji Liaoji Suwan Luyu new Ganqing other 11 regions 150,000 tons / year (containing 15 tons / year) to 30 tons / year (excluding 300,000 tons / year) coal, mergers and acquisitions within two years embodiment; expires before implementation of the reorganization, the provincial people's government according to the orderly development needs to incorporate capacity planning guide。Around 300,000 tons / year (excluding 300,000 tons / year) less coal, in addition to the technological transformation projects have been included in planning, in principle, then the implementation of the new capacity of technological innovation。  At the same time, encourage enterprises to increase the advantages of mergers and acquisitions, to build large enterprises and groups, especially million tons of large coal enterprise groups。Accordance with the objectives, in 2020 the number of coal mining enterprises to be compressed to 3000, more than 5000 tons of large enterprises accounted for more than 60%, in which the hundred million tons strive about 10。"Last year, the country exceeded 100 million tons of coal production enterprises have six, was previously 8。"China Coal Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Zhang told the" Economic Information Daily "reporters。  SASAC also say Earlier, the central enterprises will be reduced to less than 100 during the year, steadily push forward enterprise group level mergers and acquisitions, to accelerate the iron and steel, coal, electric power business integration, specializing in iron and steel making coal enterprises bigger and stronger and better, integrated coal enterprise resource optimization, quit the coal industry in principle, other coal-related central enterprises。  It is understood that the central enterprises total capacity of coal 8.4.6 billion tons, in addition to Shenhua, China Coal and five major power companies, not coal-based industries of the central enterprises capacity of about 100 million tons。July 2016, China Guoxin, Chengtong Group, China Coal Group, Shenhua Group funded the establishment of a central platform for enterprise asset management company that is coal country coal source Asset Management Co., Ltd. was established to run。August 16 that year, the controlling shareholder of the National Investment Company signed on free transfer of shares agreement with China Coal Group, will be held by a new set of energy 30.31% of the shares transferred without compensation to the Coal。This is considered to be the current round of supply side reforms in the coal central enterprise restructuring in the first case, begun in a big reorganization of the central enterprises coal。  This year, as the industry leader has been discovered has launched a series of acquisitions, and is preparing a larger scale integration and restructuring, and its recent dividend pride and personnel frequent adjustment is to let the expected warming。Also due to personnel changes be interpreted as a prelude to the merger and reorganization of coal as well as other corporate giants。  While coal is expected to accelerate the merger and reorganization of central enterprises, local mergers and acquisitions is also some action。According to the forthcoming Shanxi State-owned programs, the future will be flexible use of 18 state-controlled listed companies a platform to promote the assets of state-owned resources, capitalization, securitization。Pointed out that this asset injection and contains behind consolidation is expected, Shanxi Coal Group 7 large, homogeneous competition is obvious, the future will build on the platform of listed companies, horizontal merger to create the industry leader。  The SASAC Henan Province recently held a provincial state-owned enterprise reform and development-cum-owned Assets Supervision Work Conference, clearly this year's three coal giant (Henan Energy Group, China Pingdingshan Shenma Group, Cheng Coal) will be reorganized into state-owned capital investment company。In fact, since last year, the Group, Yanzhou Mining Group, and so set up a state-owned capital investment company。  Guizhou coal industry to resolve the problem of excess production capacity, but also to change policy to promote the merger and reorganization of coal mining enterprises in the "halve the number of" based on the proposed reorganization of the former coal mines shall not exceed the production capacity after restructuring and, after restructuring and the scale of not less than 300,000 tons / year policy requirements。At the same time, to actively carry out mergers and acquisitions have been completed to shut down coal production capacity of enterprises complement cascade Award。  But many industry insiders have admitted that large-scale mergers and acquisitions of coal mergers and acquisitions, especially cross-regional inevitably involve between regions, management system, the distribution of benefits, indebtedness and many other issues between the central and provincial level, the more difficult Big。  "Just mention the cross-regional reorganization during the second five, but also to integrate mainly in accordance with the geographical division。"Xing Lei believes that comparison, the combined upstream and downstream of coal, coal, coal chemical, coal and other Science and Industry easier to operate, but also help to extend the industrial chain to realize the integration of the development, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises。It is noteworthy that, should the market means more use in the process of improving industrial concentration, such as cross-shareholding, mutual insurance and other resources。(Original title: New Deal coal mergers and acquisitions will accelerate sub-regional restructuring of small coal mines within two years of landing the formation of 10 million ton giant by the end of 2020) (Editor: DF319)