China Association for Science: parallel has been drawn will be announced dual-use technology to carry out forward-looking guidance of Contents

May 25, the China Association for Science annual meeting of the sub-forum held in Jiande, Zhejiang, released 10 soldiers and civilians worldwide problem in the field of fusion。  According to Science and Technology Daily reported that China Association executive secretary of the Commonwealth military and civilian integration Society, Chinese Society of Aeronautics and vice chairman, said Wu Song, collection, selection and release these ten technical issues, to promote our country ahead of the deployment of a number of cutting-edge research, prospective improve basic research and the results of our original lead levels, enhance research and development capabilities and international competitiveness of China's major engineering。Woosung said that they have developed and will soon publish "forward-looking dual-use technology development guidance catalog"。  Further reading President Xi profoundly pointed out, there is no network security is no national security。The digital age, cyberspace has penetrated into all areas of political, economic, military, cultural, military and civilian have one of the natural attributes, is an important aspect of the new era of military and civilian integration。At present, our country forward network power forward, to build the Great Wall network of civil-military integration, network construction is both powerful and basic system design information, the armed forces, but also an important driving force to promote the development of military and civilian integration depth。Under the new situation, and actively promote civil-military integration depth development of network security, the urgent need to break the institutional barriers and structural problems, policy issues, and constantly improve the level of integration, enhance joint defense capabilities。  Overall network security a matter of national security, military and off the road to be the full integration of the information age, cyberspace has become a national security strategy for new high ground。Last year, the global outbreak of "eternal blue" blackmail virus, the Ukrainian power grid was attacked, the US presidential election "Mail Gate" and other events have shown, network security a matter of national security, social stability and the war victory or defeat。Network security contest has risen to the national level of confrontation, the military beyond the scope of their respective management control, need to rely on military force have centralized one possible keep things under control, tube well。  Network security a matter of national interest。As the network tentacles extend to all areas of economic, social, cultural, security will affect the economic security, social security, cultural security, information security, etc.。May 2017, "the eternal blue" blackmail virus swept across more than 150 countries and regions, including government, banks, telecommunications companies, energy companies and other important infrastructure sector institutions paralyzed, causing an uproar in the world。Earlier, Saudi Arabia's infrastructure was cyber attacks, just a few minutes, the computer hard disk is damaged, all data is cleared, attackers also tried to cause an explosion, if succeed it will cause very serious consequences。  Network security is related to the outcome of war。Information warfare, cyberspace has become a new battleground dimensional space。Currently, the United States, Britain and Japan have established a network combat troops, weapons and vigorously develop a variety of network。The war in Iraq, the US military destroyed the first five Iraqi crucial command and radar facilities, and the use of electronic interference, etc. firmly grasp the information superiority, the Iraqi blind and deaf, paralyzed rapid defense system。With the acceleration of the evolution of the form of war, information superiority to compete for increasingly become the core of the outcome of war, cyberspace as an information control "the main battlefield", becoming the commanding heights of the war game。  Network security is one of the world's military and civilian common practice。Currently, many countries in the world will be civil-military integration as an important way to enhance the security of cyberspace。For example, US cybersecurity as a national security will be the focus of the White House and the Pentagon designated Boeing, Lockheed Martin and other companies in the network security team, specify Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Apple, Google and other IT giants to network security professional team, designated Symantec, McAfee and other network security enterprise network security special team。In Israel, after Israeli soldiers many network security forces retire, become a place of elite high-tech enterprises, and founded a number of network security company。These companies come back to start all-round cooperation with the Israeli army in the field of network security, enhance network protection capabilities, while the Israeli army, and promote the development of the entire network security space。  Network security resources dispersed polyol, the need to strengthen the military and top-level design co-ordination to promote civil-military integration development is a systematic project, to be good at using systems science, systems thinking, systems approach to study and solve problems。At present, the rapid development of all kinds of information network systems, different functions, types of network security continue supporting facilities put into use, the overall framework for network security protection system basically established。But the network security resources are widely distributed in the military and local, to promote network security and civilian integration, improve interoperability defense capabilities need to strengthen top-level design co-ordination, to break the institutional barriers and sectoral interests, unified integration at the national level, the optimal allocation, promote technology, personnel, resources, etc. two-way flow conversion factors。  Network Security to build a sound organizational leadership system。Should accelerate the establishment of a network security organization and leadership to one of the military with Chinese characteristics, ensure a clear hierarchy, division of labor。Focus national cybersecurity lead agency is to enhance network security and civilian integration of top-level design and macro-control, development strategies and program planning, perform coordination functions of civil-military integration in charge of the domestic network security defense emergency response and the fight against cyber crime and network terrorism; military network security authorities focus on fiction military network security overall planning and construction, it will be able to implement the field of civil-military integration into the overall development of the national network security, good mutual cohesion and national development plans of network security, clear military coordination of the relevant processes and management practices, and improve the military and regular meetings, briefings important, significant action collaborative work system, the formation of cyberspace security defense, union, joint control。  Military and security co-ordination network construction planning standards。To respond effectively to current and future network offensive and defensive means a period of time as the goal, the scientific development of army building of network security overall framework, classification established construction mode, clear short-term and long-term goal of building determined to complete the task of supporting measures。First, adhere to uniform standards。Actively promote a unified technical standards for self-control of network security products based secure operating system, database security systems, the key moment to achieve the full integration of all systems to create a robust and reliable network security defense。Second, insist on a common assessment。Strengthen the construction of network security assessment and risk assessment technology network security products, a clear assessment procedures and links, take scientific and effective evaluation methods to ensure that the network was built defense firm, control is maintained。  Security Force is to establish a network resource sharing mechanism。Achieve military and security network resource sharing, the key is to establish military requirements were put mechanisms。Dual-use technology should be promptly released the results of information, real table "battlefield to be missing" and "all market" to achieve both the military and demand, technology, standards, products and other information resources full sharing; accelerate the construction of military information sharing platform integration, China Unicom to expand access to government interoperability standards, and the military fully complementary information resource sharing; networking security access system, clearly defined security level range, and the military department in charge "people to join the army" enterprise regular meetings, communications, demand for docking and research collaboration attack against the civilian R & D network security forces lost the goal, the less the target, the opponent loses protection tactics, lack of pointing; to establish a network threat information exchange mechanism, timely exchange of domestic and international network security updates and events to inform, encourage private professional and real-time response business and government, the military share real-time information network security threats, improve research and analysis。  Network security is the essence of talent contest, to be the essence of joint military prison thinking tree network is a network security confrontation, real competition is the talent contest。Whether network security analysis, planning, situational judgments, response and disposal, or network protection hardware, software development, we need a lot of information technology professionals。To meet the huge demand for military network security personnel need to firmly establish the idea of joint。  Joint training。In recent years, the National Cyber Security personnel training has made important progress, cyberspace is the addition of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee and the Ministry of Education as a subject, cyberspace security field graduates every year nearly ten thousand。But there is also compared with the network to create powerful and strong Army-wide gap between the needs of the military, there is a big shortfall of qualified personnel, training system needs to be improved, lack of practice-based talent pool and other issues。Should actively explore the military, local universities, research institutes and network security personnel to carry out joint training enterprise channels, build a faculty, a total of experiments take place, a total of practice base, class teaching, practice practice of organic combination, through the network security training camp, security operation and maintenance personnel training, enhance network security professionals have the expertise to improve the rapid, large-scale, practical operation and maintenance of the security analysis of network security personnel respond, offensive and defensive mechanisms of infiltration and other joint training。  Joint use of force。The use of military forces should co-ordinate and strengthen co-operation, establish a more comprehensive network security joint prevention and control mechanism。On the one hand, give full play to the role of local talent network security, network security forces open the top-level design, the core technology research and development, network security overall construction and other fields to meet the network security needs of military personnel; on the other hand, give full play to the military network security needs the effectiveness of booster effect, the military use of advanced network technology to test the safety of the nation's critical infrastructure network of nuclear energy, communications, transportation, finance, inspection and emergency response system。  Joint research and development of technology。Civil-military co-innovation is an important way to achieve network protection technology breakthrough innovation。Traction should play a leading role around the military demand for cutting-edge innovation, cohesion breakthroughs in key network technology, the basic platform to promote the sharing of military and civilian, military and civilian technology to vigorously promote mutual transformation; encourage universities, research institutes, military industrial enterprises and the advantages of private business combination, focus on military manpower, material and financial resources on the key chip, the core devices, operating systems and other areas set of intellectual research; explore military and civilian integration of network security equipment and technology innovation model, research and development of next-generation firewall, intrusion detection, encryption, information hiding, anti-eavesdropping and other protective technology, jointly cultivate their own network security industry ecosystem。  In addition, since the network has a comprehensive security complexity, the need to work together to strengthen the military regulations and policies to protect。Development of military and civilian integration of network security regulations, policies supporting civil-military integration of network security, network security and civil-military documents related to the integration of key security areas, to ensure network security measures put down roots civil-military integration, the formation of joint military-support system。(Source: PLA Daily)