What mix of yogurt and good nutrition and those with high

And what can be said with a good yogurt lot of people like to eat a dairy, a very good use to regulate intestinal, and if it would be better with other things, so what yogurt and mix well together and small Code to see what mix of yogurt and a good introduction to it!What is good with yogurt and 1, eat apples both to lose weight, and help digestion。
Apple and yogurt for meal replacement effect will be greater。 First, you can cut the apple into pieces, into the juicer, then squeeze a good apple juice and then mix together to eat yogurt, apple flavor with fresh yogurt, fresh and give people bring a pleasant Xiangshou。
2, cucumber beauty itself is a good diet food, and then eat, then mix together yogurt, reduced fat weight-loss effect will be more obvious。
Cucumber and yogurt and heat are very low, do not worry about Chi Pang。
When you feel hungry, when to drink cucumber and yogurt can also be made into a cucumber yogurt drinks。
More hands like MM can try different approaches and find cucumber yogurt to suit your taste。
3, what is a good match yogurt and brown sugar brown sugar addition to functions, and also contains trace elements such as iron, zinc, manganese, chromium, nutrients much higher than white sugar。 Was added 2 grams of brown sugar yoghurt, drinking after mixing, so that drinking can improve the intestinal environment, alleviate constipation, but also contributes to burning of body fat, to achieve weight loss。 4, papaya's low in calories, but also satiety, weight loss or cosmetic breast share and beauty of the MM will not be unfamiliar, the papaya cut into small pieces, put into the juice machine pressed into papaya juice, and mix with yogurt drinking together, both weight loss and breast。