Australian Bureau of Statistics Web site shut down by the Department of hardware failure rather than a hacker attack

  Canberra, August 10 Xinhua News Agency Reuters (Reporter Zhao Bo) 10th Prime Minister Turnbull held a news conference to clarify before the Australian Bureau of Statistics Web site is 9 paralysis were attacked by hackers claim, saying the site shuts down the hardware failure, and to ensure that statistics Bureau collected data is safe。   This year is the first large-scale use of online Australian fill in a census form。 9th Australian Bureau of Statistics Web site shut down because of the collapse, causing the user can not log in。 10 morning, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said in a statement, because the site has been hacked, it was decided to close the site to ensure data security。   But when the day around 11, in charge of the census of Australian small business minister Michael·McCormack held a news conference, said the crash site was not hacked, but traffic increased sharply resulting in a server failure, hardware problems Department website。
To protect user data security, Bureau decided to temporarily close the site。   Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull subsequently held a news conference, was hacked to paralysis of the Department of Statistics website clarification statement, and said that the Prime Minister network security consultant will thoroughly investigate the matter。   Australia national census every five years, the data collected is an important basis for the government to allocate resources to health, education, transportation, infrastructure, etc.。
Australia every family must fill out the questionnaire。
Australian Bureau of Statistics recently said the census personal information saved time from the original 18 months to 4 years。 This provision controversial, some people expressed concern about the safety of their personal information。