Thai kings funeral was held this week, visitors must keep in mind these considerations

Data Figure: People waiting in line to enter the Palace of Bangkok, Thailand Ananda visit。 Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Mangmang and She Guowang deceased Thailand Bhumibol funeral will be held on 2 October 5 to 29, where the cremation ceremony was held on the 26th。 Chinese Embassy in Thailand to remind recent visitors to Thailand pay attention to compliance with the provisions relating to local government during the funeral customs and etiquette related concerns with traffic information, travel arrangements well in advance。 1.In public places, especially near the Grand Palace and held a mourning activities in place, not noisy, frolic, attention dressed, the color should be black, dark blue, white, gray-based system。
2.During the funeral, the Grand Palace, Emerald Buddha Temple and other attractions to close, cancel all events。
Where the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew October 1 to 29 close, close Ananda Palace renovation from October 1。 Day cremation ceremony that day, all of Thailand Lotus supermarket and other large supermarkets, department stores and other parts of Thailand is still a large department store, 7-11 convenience stores and some banks will stop or shorten business hours, please pay attention to the business, bank announcement。 4.By then, Wangjia Tian Plaza in Bangkok, the Grand Palace and other areas will have a large number of people go to mourning, and easy traffic congestion。 Bangkok part of the region, roads will take temporary traffic control measures, concerned about the Thai government's latest announcement, obey the command staff。
5.Thailand's National Civil Aviation Authority regulations, prohibited the use of unmanned aerial vehicles during the funeral in the Grand Palace and Wangjia Tian Plaza radius of 19 km area, and offenders will be fined up to 40,000 baht (US $ 8,000 yuan) fine or up to one year in prison, or concurrence of two。 King Bhumibol was born in mid-1927, mid-1946 to the throne, crowned by mid-1950, is the ninth king of Thailand Bangkok dynasty。
October 13, 2016, King Bhumibol Adulyadej in Bangkok poem Li smart hospital, died 89 years old。
Information Title: Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej to attend birthday celebrations in Hua Hin。 Xinhua News Agency issued (Thai royal palace Palace of Mines for map) Since then, King Bhumibol's body was transported to Thailand Grand Palace for public mourning。
King Bhumibol reign of 70 years, is the world's longest reigning monarch。
His extraordinary knowledge, versatile。 During his reign, he toured every corner of Thailand, to understand the sufferings of people's lives, and make every effort to improve people's living standards, widely loved by the Thai people。
King Bhumibol married in mid-1950 and Queen Sirikit, have one son and three daughters。
Data for: October 14, 2016, in Bangkok, Thailand Grand Palace, people bid farewell to the former king Bhumibol。 Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Mang and Mang She December 1, 2016, Crown Prince Chulalongkorn wow set the throne。
Wow Chulalongkorn set in July 1952 was born on 28th Bangkok, December 28, 1972 was canonized as Crown Prince。
(Xinhua international headlines micro-channel public number) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。