Deutsche Bank: a sharp improvement in the financial situation of US households

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, Aug. 26 news, driven by rising house prices, a substantial improvement in the financial position of US households, 1 quarterly household purchasing power surged 2.$ 7 trillion, the highest increase in history, Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank), chief US economist 约瑟夫拉沃 Wagner pointed out that rising household purchasing power will increase consumer confidence, and provide strong consumer spending in the second half of support。Deutsche Bank recommended that investors do not lose sight of the major positive factors。  Deutsche Bank as the purchasing power of households will analyze quantitative indicators of consumer spending power。According to Deutsche Bank analysis, the purchasing power of households consists of two parts, one is the current cash flow, personal income minus interest expense on mortgages and unsecured loans, the other part is a loan, including credit card and line of credit home equity loans。  1 quarter of this year, US personal income increased by $ 500 billion, mortgage interest fell by $ 15 billion, non-mortgage interest rose to $ 6 billion, the result of the calculation is a family-quarter net cash flow increased by $ 444 billion。  For some families the purchasing power of borrowing, the US house prices continue to rise, the net value of family housing rose by 2 quarter a year earlier.$ 2 trillion。Deutsche Bank noted that if this trend continued until the end of the year, will be the largest ever quarterly increase of 4。Although the recent US housing prices has slowed, but continued single-digit rise can bring home equity increased by 1 year.5-2.US $ 0,000,000,000,000。  The US $ 444 billion in cash flow growth plus 2.$ 2 trillion in home equity growth, plus $ 70 billion in consumer loan growth, Deutsche Bank calculated a quarter of American households purchasing power rises 2.$ 7 trillion, a record。  Joseph Laver Wagner opinion, this is for the US economy in the second half will be a very important positive signal。The United States is a consumption-oriented economy, the economic weight of consumption accounts for up to 70%, so consumer confidence and consumer spending to a large extent determines the direction of the economy。(Shofu compilation)