Radix Radix medicine for it is God Almighty role

You believe God is omnipotent when it comes to drug Radix, we are very clear, as long as the fever because a lot of people will eat it, it feels like a drug, like God Almighty, the omnipotent God Radix medicine it together and small series to see Radix is Almighty God of medicine introduce it!Radix Radix medicine for it is God Almighty is the efficacy of detoxification, cooling pharynx。
In traditional Chinese medicine theory, "poisonous" refers to all the negative stuff on the human body。
Can be deduced therefrom, all the "bad stuff on the human body" caused Radix can Prevention – the so-called "detoxification"。
Radix then inevitably it will become a "universal magic pill" because it may be too broad for disease。 Whether it is SARS or bird flu, is a disease caused by a virus, with Radix to "detoxify" seems to be the right medicine。
Radix also "heat", it is particularly to be used for fever symptoms of disease that a lot。
People are warm-blooded animals, so human brain responsible for regulating body temperature to be constant, if the temperature is low, the brain will command the body to speed up metabolism and distribution of heat – such as trembling。 The bacteria viruses into the human body, through a chain reaction that will pass information to the brain, the brain believes the body temperature is too low, thereby directing the body heat, so people with fever symptoms。 Since Radix can "heat" and the disease has a fever viruses that cause colds in turn, then Radix naturally became a drug commonly used to treat the common cold。
Of course, in theory, Radix can also be used to treat all diseases with fever symptoms, the disease has a lot of kind, so Radix inevitably will become a "universal magic pill"。 Radix is an omnipotent God medicine for it, of course, in accordance with the above logic, which traditional Chinese medicine "universal magic pill" should be countless, because too many have the effect of Chinese medicine "detoxification" of。 Radix is easy to get good production, powder tastes sweet, so stand out from many theoretical "universal magic pill" in。
Since there can become a kind of traditional Chinese medicine "universal magic pill" There are so many, why practice is Radix become a "universal magic pill" because it has the advantage of Radix "the people", the good spread of its raw materials and woad blue are produced around the horse, but also cultivated; a single herb, eliminating the need for cumbersome configuration; sugar granules made of good taste, lest frown pinch the nose to drink bitter stew……and many more。