NATO's new headquarters is expected to settle Ulm, Germany

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Zhu Mengying] According to ARD's "Daily News" reported on the 20th, the German Federal Defense Ministry said the same day, has been communicating with NATO, NATO is responsible for logistics services it plans to build a new headquarters built in Ukraine in Germany helm。   Reports that Germany plans to undertake a new NATO headquarters, called the Joint Command Support and empowerment (JointSupportandEnablingCommand), whose duty is to focus on logistics。 But the new headquarters location problem so far has not been determined, Ulm and Cologne – Bonn region as a candidate under discussion。 But the German side believes that Ulm has a wealth of experience。 Bundeswehr has established a multinational headquarters in Ulm, on behalf of the United Nations, NATO and the European Union。   The report also said NATO's new headquarters is needed。
In times of crisis, with the help of the new headquarters of the rapid transfer of personnel and supplies。
Federal Ministry of Defense also said that the new headquarters will not be integrated into the existing NATO structures, but closely related, and employees (military) capability can also be used in national exercises and operations outside the NATO alliance。   During According to earlier media reports, the German Defense Minister Feng De Laien in February this year in Brussels to attend NATO defense ministers will have been advocating for this site plan。
She said Germany both located in the geographical heart of Europe, but also with the experience and logistical support aspects。
  NATO defense ministers will be meeting on a new headquarters site selection issues a formal decision in held in June this year。