How about a vegetarian can not affect their health?

For health, to some extent, you are ready to become vegetarian, but also worried that eat only vegetarian food, nutrition is not comprehensive but health problems how to do, in this case, to optimize their diet, good planning is the key Oh。What are the benefits of vegetarianism?Vegetarians Healthier less disease: Vegetarian contains a lot of crude fiber, can lipid-lowering diet to prevent constipation。Vegetarian can enhance human immunity, vegetarians suffering from cardiovascular disease, cancer, gout, arthritis, renal failure, cerebral palsy and other diseases is much lower than the average ratio。When a human body fluids slightly alkaline state, transmission of information between the speed and effectiveness of brain cells are in the best condition, person becomes wise, while fluid was acidic state, the brain reflects slow, slow, work and study efficiency are in poor condition, it is clumsy person。
After we all know, the meat is acidic foods, human intake of fluids tends to make acidic。
So, not only will bring a healthy vegetarian, people will become smarter。
Several vegetarian diet principles 1, should be based on whole wheat bread, bread germ, brown rice instead of white rice, flour。
2, high meat protein content, but legumes such as soy beans, soybeans, mung beans, beans or tofu and other processed products are also rich in protein, can add part of nutrition for not eating meat and the lack of, no cholesterol and eat more beans excessive worries。