Common causes of pain should not eat what toothache

What should not eat toothache?Life situations for various reasons have toothache, toothache there are a lot of things can not eat, then what should not eat what toothache?The following night on the net to tell you what not to eat toothache。
What a toothache should not eat, spicy spicy food, especially food easy to get angry, it is easy to damage long-term nature of the gums。If symptoms get angry, it is recommended that you eat foods like bitter gourd cool relieve inflammation such, of course, sore gums or to find reasons to cure, if it is caused by dental calculus shrinking and swelling of the gums, then it scaling to the hospital, and once a year scaling the best。2, should not eat rough, hard and fried foods, they can damage teeth, stimulate the pulp。
Wine and acidic foods pulp will produce chemical stimulation, increase the pain。
You can eat more high-protein, vitamin-rich foods, such as soy products and vegetables and fruits。
Smoked foods directly stimulate periodontal mucosa, destruction of mucosal epithelium, it congestion, edema, causing pain; sugar, high fat confectionery stimulate the gums, not digestible, should eat。
3, bad toothache patients with oral environment, the diet should avoid eating sweets because sweets will increase the concentration of oral acidity short period of time; another to avoid smoking and drinking caffeine coffee, cigarettes and coffee with the formation of dental stains easily in the mouth and calculus。1 common cause of toothache, cavities that is caused by dental caries: mainly to stimulate the pain, pain that is the case of cold hot。2 toothache should not eat anything, tooth nerve inflammation: dental caries or tooth nerve invasion and trauma can cause acute pulpitis leads to severe pain。
As the saying goes "toothache is not a disease, pain up to his life," I say this is probably the pain。3, apical inflammation: acute pulpitis left untreated, the inflammation leads to continued development down around the root tip tissue inflammation, can lead to severe pain in acute attack。
Pulpitis and apical inflammation after emergency treatment, the treatment of inflammation have to do root canal。That is, the eight doctors in the dental pulp, the root canal medication anti-inflammatory, and clean the root canal expansion, then the root canal with gutta-percha given the right to full, then the last good dental supplement。4, periodontal tissue inflammation: between the teeth and gums due to prolonged accumulation plaque and calculus cause periodontal disease, sometimes due to decreased body resistance and acute episodes of acute periodontal abscess formation。5, pericoronitis: wisdom teeth or third molars generally eruption after the age of 18, due to the human evolution, the tooth eruption often there is not enough available space, thereby forming dislocation impacted。
Eruption during wisdom teeth gingival flap is formed to cover a blind bags, food debris tends to collect here difficult to clean and therefore often repeated inflammation。