Cold leg cramps talk about how to do massage these points

Cold weather?Many people in the winter issue will have leg cramps, then you know how to do it cold leg cramps?Xiao Bian today to tell you how cold leg cramps how to do it。 Cold leg cramps how to do Weizhong the middle finger in the hole on a limb Committee, thumb on top of the patella, the appropriate force Rouan?1 minute。 This has the blood swelling, pain network effect and other health care。 Massage Yanglingquan point on the thumb pulp on the same side of the limb Yanglingquan point, the remaining four fingers attached to the calf at the appropriate force rubbing?1 minute。
Such massage can Shuganlidan spasm pain。 Massage Zusanli hand index finger and middle overlapping, on the middle finger limb Zusanli, the appropriate force pinch Press?1 minute。 Doing so spleen and stomach, qi and blood。 Cold leg cramps how to do massage bar opening hole limb flat on the healthy limb knee, with the contralateral hand finger pulp on the strip port hole, rubbing appropriate force?1 minute。
This has to clear the meridians, slow spasm pain and other health effects。
Massage Chengshan points on the same side with the thumb fingertip bearing mountain cave, the appropriate force pinch pressure?One minute, can be through the meridians, soft tendon slow spasm。