What remedies had appendicitis treatment appendicitis remedies

What had appendicitis appendicitis is a very common disease, pain up will be very uncomfortable, so many people will go find some folk remedies, then got appendicitis what remedies together and introduce small series to see what remedies there's got appendicitis it!What remedies peony soup cure appendicitis had appendicitis [Indications] antispasmodic analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy detoxification。
Indications of acute appendicitis, chronic recurrent appendicitis。
[60] Composition recipe?120 grams of raw licorice 15?30 grams。 Dosage day 1, decoction, 2 times, warm clothes。 3 is a course of treatment。
Assess the efficacy of medication two courses。
[Case] verification Lin, male, 41 years old。 In metastatic right lower abdominal pain four days of admission。
With chills, fever, thirst, constipation, scanty dark urine。 Diagnosed as acute appendicitis。
Medicinal: Lactiflorae 90 grams 20 grams of licorice, 10 grams of rhubarb (later), 10 grams, Dan 12 grams, 15 grams of dandelion, honeysuckle 15 grams, 12 grams。 Decoction, 2 times, warm clothes。
After two symptoms were relieved, and then into two signs and symptoms disappear。
Woody treatment of chronic appendicitis [Indications] treating chronic appendicitis。 What had appendicitis recipe recipe [composed of] wood, honeysuckle, dandelion 25 grams, tree peony bark, Toosendan, rhubarb 12 grams。
Dosage Jianfei 15 minutes, add water, filter out the liquid, together with water to cook for 20 minutes, to the residue, the resulting two liquid against the uniform frying。
Hours service。 1 day?2。
[Case Verify] Treatment with this side of 43 chronic appendicitis, 38 cases were cured, improved in 4 cases, and 1 case。
Efficient%。 Treatment of chronic appendicitis。