American gorilla passed away at the age of 39 years before his death will communicate by sign language

Information: will communicate by sign language male orangutan Chantek。
BEIJING, Aug. 9, according to foreign media reports, the US announced that Zoo Atlanta, will communicate in sign language male orangutan Chantek (Akinori) has passed away at the age of 39 years old, is North America's oldest living male gorilla of one。 According to reports, Chantek ago died of heart disease treated at Zoo Atlanta, but officials would not announce the exact cause of death。
It is reported that Chantek was born in Atlanta, Georgia, Tennessee, but by the anthropologist it as a human child support, and teach it to American Sign Language (ASL)。 Orangutan male protagonist only in 2014 and even became the documentary "on orangutan university"。 Chantek in mid-1997 was admitted to the Atlanta Zoo。 Zoo said Chantek "often use sign language to communicate and breeder, and breeders in recent years to cultivate a close relationship."。
Zoo said, but "people Chantek for very shy and did not know sign language than, often typical orangutan sounds or gestures to communicate a unique way to communicate with people."。
Zoo said in a statement, orangutan "After a 35-year-old, is considered entered old age," so Chantek is "one of the oldest living male gorilla 'in North America。
Editor: Fei Fan。