Curry warrior 36 minutes into the finals grab 7 bis least 46 points out Thunder

  "Spray brothers" a Qifa Wei, Stephen – Curry 12 three-pointers shot 7, had 36 points, eight assists and five rebounds, and Craig – Thompson pointers 6 of 11 shots, scoring 21 points and five rebounds, Bradley Mond – Green 11 points and nine rebounds, Andre – Iguodala starter, scored 7 points。   Two consecutive Thunder comeback in the case are 13 points ahead of comeback in the big score to 3-1 lead in the case, which is the Western Conference finals for the first time。 Kevin – Durant had 27 points and seven rebounds, Russell – Westbrook 19 points, 13 assists and seven rebounds, Sergio – ibaka 16 points。     Life and death, both sides need to mobilize。
Warriors climbed out from the grave to catch up in the next 1-3 behind the case, Thompson with a game enough to go down in history as they won the chance of winning。   Back home, the Warriors failed to get the advantage after the opening, the entire first half of the process, keep a similar, the Warriors are back to life in the case of 13 points behind, but the first half is still at a disadvantage。   Thompson is on a hero, hit 11 three-pointers, a record of the playoffs, the last one scored 19 points, also a record level, while individuals 41 points, also a new high。
After the opening day, but he feels nothing, before 7 vote total loss。
Curry touches bounce back, hit two consecutive third unreasonable in 35 seconds, warriors chasing the score 10-11。 After Andrew Bogut end break, the Warriors take five small lineup, the Thunder stormed inside was, after the first section, leading the Thunder to 24-19。
  Up to the last game when the Warriors fell behind 13 points, and today too。
Section 7 minutes 02 seconds there, warriors who missed the basket, Robertson alley-oop layup, the Thunder lead to 35-22。
Thompson finally restored "God soup" style, in less than 1 minute, hit two consecutive three-pointers。 He recovered on a feeling, after fruitful, the half after the holiday third of 4 from 4, scored 12 points, the Warriors once the gap to four points。 However, because of the fall of the basket, the Warriors still at a disadvantage, Curry hit a layup buzzer in this section, the first half to 42-48 behind。
  Thompson before 7 vote total loss, but after 4 from 4, all three-pointers, scored 13 points in the first half, Curry also hit two three-pointers, 12 points。
Warriors are still at a disadvantage on the boards to 24-29 behind。   Thunder still hit inside, Westbrook scored 14 points, Durant 5 from 4, 9 points。
  Warriors launched a general offensive on the third。
After the Thunder to 50-42 lead, "spray brothers" have been hit three-pointers, while Andre Iguodala also third succeeded, Curry has since hit two three-pointers in less than three minutes, the Warriors hit a record 5 pointers, Curry hit three one fell swoop to exceed 57-54。
Some thunder was kept inside the defensive line loopholes, this section there are 2 minutes 35 seconds, Livingston solo run, drives to the basket dunks succeeded, and even scored three points with a fine cast, rarely play Barbosa and Varejao also have been hit, leading the Warriors to 71-58 actually 13 points。 This section last 4 minutes, Thunder Durant free throw scored only 2 points, the first three quarters to 60-71 behind。   Warriors little too cautious in the fourth quarter, the Thunder backs against the wall, shot after a wave of 9-2, chasing the score 69-73。
Curry hit a three-point play on, and then succeeded in the cast, one with 5 points, but the Warriors failed to win breathing space, outside Thunder also find the feeling, double less each hit a record one-third, chasing the score 75 -80。   Critical moment, the Warriors did not hesitate, in five small flowering continues for five small contest, warriors outside, Thompson and Green have two-thirds vote later in the game there are 4 minutes 44 seconds, the Warriors once again get to 88-77 double-digit advantage。
  Durant strong counterattack, hit a three-pointers, then hit two free throws, the Warriors after a mistake, he succeeded in the cast, one with 7 points, still in the game 100 seconds, chasing the score became 86-90。   Warriors quickly called a timeout。 Upon his return, the Warriors almost mistakes, but fortunately Green to get the ball, immediately called timeout。
Warriors have five seconds of the shot clock, Curry rush shots, foul-third causing Ibaka three penalties in three Warriors to 93-86 hold its ground。   Foul, so completely panic Thunder, Durant shot, then missed a long shot rush。
The Warriors began to consume time, the game more seconds, after Curry hit the third, completely kill the game。
  Warriors pass, reversed in the case of 1-3 behind, magically Finals。
Historically, the 10th in which case the reversal NBA, is the first time for two consecutive years have the team behind 1-3 comeback。 After two days of rest, the Warriors on June 3 vs. Knight, Knight east have been waiting a long time。 (Angkor)。