Do not eat these foods early in the morning for the elderly, how to eat in order to ensure adequate nutrition?(1)

  Because with age, the elderly absorption of calcium will continue to decrease, the body lack of calcium in the elderly prone to bone decalcification, osteoporosis, etc.。
Therefore, the elderly should pay attention to the following three principles of diet。  Avoid fasting bananas。In addition to containing potassium bananas sleep aids, and also contains large amounts of magnesium, if fasting food, the amount of magnesium in a sudden increase in blood, and magnesium affect cardiac function is one of the sensitive elements。
  Avoid fasting to eat pineapple。Pineapple contains strong enzymes, fasting eat and Shang Wei, its nutrients after dinner can be better absorbed。
  Avoid drinking a lot of cold drinks。
Assembly temperature difference is too strong stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract, leading to sudden contracture。  In addition, early in the morning fasting do not eat garlic or vinegar alone。Fasting vinegar alone can lead to excessive stomach acid Shang Wei; and allicin will gastric mucosa, intestinal wall causing irritation, causing stomach cramps。  Many elderly people have symptoms of malnutrition, the elderly should be how to eat in order to ensure adequate intake of nutrition it?Here we follow the night network together to understand it。
  Eat enough Generally, the amount per kilogram of body weight daily for the elderly the best protein supplement grams – grams, specific to the food probably eat 100 grams of meat, a cup of milk a day, an egg, and made of 40 grams of soy tofu, soy milk bean products。
  75-year-old old man was diagnosed as suffering from sarcopenia, the consumption of whole foods for special medical nutrition under the guidance of a doctor, a daily supplement of protein per kilogram of body weight g – g。
  Although the elderly with kidney disease should limit protein intake, but can not eat, which requires all high-quality protein derived from animal protein, vegetable protein try to get rid of。
  Eat small meals, food is not good to do bad teeth mouth, digestive function does not work for the elderly the best small meals a day to eat 4-5 meals, and try to choose easily digestible food, such as muscle should choose shorter fibers when eating meat fish, shrimp, etc.。  Some may also be used for cooking food becomes soft and easy to practice, such as meat or pork cut into thin meat, wrapped in a layer starch paste, stir quickly stir, ensure a soft and tender meat。Burning, stew, stew, steam can also soften meat protein, easily digested。It is not put food break, made of thick soup, eat soup with water。
  How to determine if they are malnourished elderly from the diet to see if there is inadequate nutritional intake。
We observed a day diet, whether done nutritionally balanced diet full point, can eat meat, fish or poultry every day, at least twice a week can eat beans or eggs; can eat half a day pounds of fruits and vegetables; whether to drink more than four cups a day of liquid (water, tea, juice or milk)。