Fireworks and fleeting

(A) nightclub queen, you lonely than fireworks fleeting, there is a fireworks, not lonely, she likes to people watch bloom, bloom of her people with her busy, and she disappeared。  Watching the makeup of you, you seem lonely than fireworks, though you are the queen nightclub。  You will go to places like nightclubs bar, you wear the most enchanting clothes that you wore lipstick thick, you are of the sexiest eye makeup, you look beautiful and noisy environment, you just want to hide the lonely heart。  Carnival is a group of lonely people lonely, lively local people, some of the most lonely heart。  In this world, too much hustle and bustle of the essence of beauty and loneliness, the more beautiful the more lonely, lonely than fireworks。  Bars, nightclubs are those beautiful lonely place, so many carnival people, in fact most of the poor lonely boring。  So I do not exclude beautiful nightclub queen, because she is a decadent beauty, she just wanted to show their beauty, people call her my queen。  (B) fireworks are a woman beautiful shadow in the dark night sky, a fireworks,“Bang”He heard the blooming, the sky full of bright colors, those light Lan flying。  What a beautiful moment, gorgeous luxury。  This beautiful moment, light up the whole dark night sky, fireworks illuminate those beautiful face, lit up this beautiful city。  Fireworks, gorgeous and luxury, these beautiful and there is only a blink of time, like those of the beautiful woman, the roots of the old, life is a dream。  Then, go back, we have become in the past。  Reluctant, go back。  Perhaps in each fireworks, there will be a“You lonely than fireworks”Shadow。  Perhaps every woman, there will be a fireworks beautiful shadow。  Maybe every beautiful lonely shadow, can be loved and love melted。  So do not be afraid of a beautiful woman, but with love and caring melt her loneliness, so it likes to chase。  Sometimes a woman is like fireworks, like beauty goes by, they will soon grow old, so people like to quickly fight。  (C) I fleeting, fleeting white horse through the gap means the water like the passage of time, Love, this explanation comes from Baidu Encyclopedia, I like to explain。  I also really like the word fleeting。I used to miss those fleeting time two people meet。  Should also be a fleeting picturesque time and space, so beautiful space, people can not peep, not looking back, such as river carp, white horse through the gap ,, flash, race, hurry years。  In the fleeting what kind of story it will be a?  Each different people will have their own different stories fleeting, or similar romantic entanglement story。  My fleeting story is the story of a ticket。  At that time, Ling spring to a Ganyu tickets to Suzhou, Ling Quan came forget to vote, when she needs to use this ticket reimbursement credentials。  That day, she also just came back from Suzhou, I know there are some time with her, I asked her to send text messages, she specifically asked the driver for a ticket in the car, then get off me。  I saw her at the station in the future to get the ticket, I said she was a good person, do you want me to help you carry the luggage, and she said no。  I remember the beauty mark on her face, and she is the sea headman, he came back, I saw her put space is the harp "reluctant"。  Later, due to some misunderstanding, I did not meet her again。  She really is a good person, people can not forget。  However, fleeting, goodbye。  Flowing through those times, go back。