Flower windowsill

Rain season is also the season of flowers and sweets, memory window, hung purple curtains on the window sill full of orchids。Wind-off, falling sill, covered with Han Xiang's mind, here are your breath, have my affection; promising you write poetry, but also the dream of fragrance years。Perhaps go too fast, a soft heart lost in the wind, the dust-laden years, the precipitation of an elegant and beautiful。    A Ziyan, across a beautiful arc, on stretches through rolling hills, across the beautiful lakeside Xiangxi, fall on your window, the title came a perfumed thoughts, at the time of the background , leaving a blue。In life, there are many shortcomings, like those withered petals and time together with dried petals oath together; at the same time with that person, as well as those written poems too late。    Imagine with time, the years to come, if they would be left behind once the aroma?Miss raindrops, woven into fresh galleries, hanging on the branches of the window, the breeze ray diffuse through the pond, a string of sound mind rain。Between fences, whose gentle sea, qingyin a miss rain incense, who's full of expectations, so that a trace of green hair York into the vicissitudes of life。Tonight, I kind of mind to the next, and perhaps, one day, be able to bloom out of a Zen-like aroma。    Who, standing on window after the rain, the figure of a person looking into your face; who, to see a landscape, I think of your shadow, slowly through time, often think of the name, in fact, ,only one。Her bright smile will make you cry sad, pain deep, warm happiness。Looking at the windowsill covered with petals, with memories of past lives, looking at life in ferry。    Night is young, Acacia shore, heart, lingering a silent window。Think, let floating souls dwell in your pillow, since then, no longer alone。Has always been shallow edge, but since the Wife, sitting in the depths of time, to salvage once in the past, look at you gently walk, and quietly walked away, trance, my affectionate gaze of the eyes has not yet been stranded in the windy rainy day。    Tonight, you come marching quiet moonlight gently, into my heart into verse, faintly visible in the twilight, with the curve of life condense a fragrance of the past, along the trajectory of memory, thoughts of the glass lonely。Today is very short, very long tomorrow, we across the sky, looking for a long time; life is very short, very long time, we need everyone, smiled to taste。Episode, who's pleasant mood?Who beautiful words?    Wind season to the party, like a warm place story time, a drop of rain, falling into the water side Yan, dip into a wind Ching Lin, Dan nuances dots, full of garden window Xuan, Guo wind , the fragrance of rain filled the sky。Think, in this season of the Qingchou hide, you vine and under reward Huai read for months, listening to the wind rain next month, so, so life will merge into each other's breath。    In the bloom time, walking in the deep lane in the rain, those stranded on the brick Daiwa past, lined with fragrant expectations, the soul out of reach, and slowly accumulate the years of memories, gently knead into the wind, in the wind and find yourself in a cozy, quietly put away the flood of thoughts, one day, we will slowly forget the lost footsteps, slowly no longer remembered。    Time like water slides, and finally learn to quiet, learn to lay down their life, without the need to lay down the selection, the owner can not give up。The former decision you can live and more relaxed, which determines how far you can go。A distant dream, as gently down, not sad, not happy。The vicissitudes of a storm after another, to hide the flowers again, just as can easily walk in the sunny road。    The cycle of life has been on the road, across the night, writing a chapter for each segment of life, not to be borne in mind, only to have gone through similar mark, that sandalwood bit reproduced in tears thousand lines of punctuation, the items left reading falling poetic, rolling at midnight breathing, looking for traces had been there。A window of mind, for some time, feeling the bonds of this world is like the Rouchang。    Against the window overlooking, sky scenes flying, years, was a turning back and everything, is a Cheng Beixi after another in a hurry, the flowers fall is the season of the vast。Only at midnight Sentimental temperature, the feeling beaten like a joyous, gentle breeze at that place, what can never forget?Only time, still walking slowly, a long thin stream。    Gently pick up the years of incense in a bloom of voice, freehand a story of ups and downs, a window sometime, how many lingering flowers of joy, but also experienced a number of falling melancholy。Period of time, unconsciously gone in when I look back, the sojourn in the text of the dream of far more。I do not know, the window that half of the volume spearmint, whether, as the original appearance, bursting out intoxicating aroma。    Text / listening Xinyu QQ1178127788