When night fell, our district will appear one pair of walks in the elderly。They were very ordinary, and I am concerned about why they do?Because this is not a good couple, the wife of the body, the body has been dithering。Each time, her husband helped him carefully, look around to ignore all kinds of strange。This night in the arm, for many years。  Ten years ago, I just got married, in the evening, and when the wife out for a walk, to see them。Precisely: At that time, we are young, they are middle-aged。The sentiment was just that: their feeling good, hope that our love is forever fresh。  Time is fluid。More than a decade, the marriage of this river, we swam efforts。To master the balance that glide: not too fast, not too slow, it is necessary to look at other travel speed of Friends, but also to prevent the emergence of new tourist homes。How many times before really want solitude swim, run away; how many times, think sank to exit the journey; how many times, happy and wanted to cry, the tears Kugan。Every day, you must ask yourself: What am I doing?The answer is different every day。However, their choice is: insist, insist, can not give up。However, the mood is still vacant。  That day in the evening, I took my children out for a stroll, her husband was busy outside entertainment。Children ten years old, and I can pay to ingratiate themselves, to talk。I'm not lonely。Coincidentally, we saw that the elderly。Hearts of a sudden and devastating inexplicable feeling: In the long course of years, they just like to become a white-haired old man pan head, I became relaxed and calm of the middle-aged。At the moment, the old couple, the husband being his ear, his wife speak with some small talk, but his hands firmly grasp the direction of his wife, the captain sailed the ocean seems to be general, and sluggish movement's wife was trying to get out“Highest level”pace of。Each step slowly move forward, like a computer program prescribed in general, just the speed, slowly, slowly, as if time will be stagnant in general。  The night of the arm, on a flat road surface, under the starlit street, in the rush of the crowd, witnessed the couple's life together loving course。  Arm, exactly what“Helped”?I checked the dictionary: arm, intended to hand on someone's arm, so as not to slide into others。Its extended meaning is: to help each other, support each other。I am concerned about a word appears twice: others。The husband hand on his wife's arm, so as not to slide wife。In the whole process, he devoted much of selfless love。  I ask myself: When we intercourse with a partner, we are more of a thought helped him and helped him do?Still no reason to complain and accuse him of it?If the marriage is just running, self-awareness is still very strong,“Helped”Do very little natural。Only with flowing river of time, we have fused and the other half together, will naturally helped, mutual aid。Someone once said: time to test the truth of the best tools。  At dusk face still indestructible love, we tremor, we desire。Life is short, but love is infinitely extended。When the old man again slowly before row from me, I seem to think of something, quickly pull the child's hand and said:“Go to my father called, let's go together!”