Japanese media: Japan ruling party report suggesting that in the future or to participate AIIB

BEIJING, June 3, according to Japanese media reports, Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party in the June 3 summarizes the party's views on whether the Bank of Japan to participate in infrastructure investment in Asia。In consideration of the contribution of Asian investment bank in Asia's infrastructure needs, as well as Japan's relations with Asian countries, the draft report concludes that "(Japanese) government should follow developments with due to be addressed."。  According to reports, the draft report noted that, in considering whether to participate in Japan on the occasion of Asian investment bank should pursue research in eight areas。And that Japan is likely through the "direct participation in Asian investment bank management" for financial institutions to comply with international standards and "exert influence", while Asian investment banks can take advantage of Japan's development assistance experience accumulated。  Among them, most of the arguments will focus on Japan's participation in the benefits of Asian investment bank, but also pointed out that consideration should be given "the huge financial burden and corresponding price."。  It is reported that the report scheduled to be released on the afternoon local time, submitted to the 4th Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe。After receiving instructions Abe, the Liberal Democratic Party will hold diplomatic and financial finance joint working group meetings, expert advice, comments by the Liberal Democratic Party to finalize the conditions for participation。  Japanese media pointed out that the Japanese government's current stance is to sign the establishment agreement also temporarily joined in late June AIIB, while the Liberal Democratic Party's point of view retains the possibility to participate in future。  It is understood that the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party president Toshihiro Nikai General had previously expressed the hope that Japan eventually form acceptable Jia Ruya investment bank。He also pointed out that "The end result is good you can," Japan-US summit and to claim AIIB ensure fair governance issue recommendations that Japan and the US to contain China blindly emotional desire to promote the financial system is "not meaningful"。  Although Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe before because of the attitude of the United States scruples not announced to join, but with a view to promote economic growth, Abe to explore future possibilities being added。  Chinese Foreign Ministry had also said that Asian investment banks will follow an open, inclusive, transparent, accountable and equitable principles of design of its governance structure and operational policies, multilateral development banks to fully draw on existing good practice, but also to avoid detours to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, and to the countries concerned to get more economic dividends from Asia。