Baby, do you like a bullet

[Editor’s note] Guangzhou is cloudy, and not because it is a special Children’s Day become sunny.But I bless you, and your perception of growth, although four are blank, but you like a bullet, it has been embedded in our souls.No matter where we are in a place you can not see with your peers.Guilt and with the blessing, repentance and hope coexist, frustration and sadness in parallel.    This day makes me pain, it feels is an ever more.Today, it came about as.I compile tight fist, or cursed himself, to no avail.My only thought is crying.I have grown up, their baby, and my father had grown up, lost no less than face, only screwed eyebrow, look at this familiar and unfamiliar city and I hurtled along the abyss.Until the traffic jam in front of a car stopped in Tongxin Nan Road, adults and children holding hands to cross the road, visit the Science Museum.Dad looked at, this scene has been dragged you over there, I do not know what you are doing?At this festival, you, you, as usual, I think, must be as usual commonplace, turn in the township court, hiding under the eaves, crying in the corner inside the door, rubbing his grandfather in a pair of hands in the wrist , can not stand it and rolled on the ground, crying and shouting to vent their grievances and resentment.Trees, rivers, fields, grass and butterflies every now and then on the side, the sky was very clear, however, your eyes, but filled with sadness and melancholy.You looked at the road entrance to the village, where it was a miracle, and today, that trail full of sunshine, empty, not what you hope shadow appears.You stood there, still, silent, panic.I’m on this, as the bullet, chest in pain and loss, so that my life is full of repentance and sorrow.    Guangzhou is cloudy, and not because it is a special Children’s Day become sunny.    My heart has been cloudy, exile and wandering, let me exhausted.We are accustomed to pressure themselves, they have got used to toss acceptance of life.We always want to have it all one at the end, we happily go back, or you come, we are together, no fear, just a little to live in peace, for our generation, but also a really good home.We did not, even a tiny moment of quiet.We all run around every day, baby, We worried in places you can not see can not think of, but step by step and day, not because of yesterday disappear and let today get much improved.We like the city of beams, in addition to straining to straighten the outside can be selected, that is, collapse, bleak hung his head, died in a flyover corner.Because of you, we did not.Instead, we have to give you some explanation, so you get some of what.It is our responsibility, the foundation of our hard working.After you pure like a mountain of stone, but as make us anxious, we give you, is very smooth and very weak bill, no warmth, no education, no love, children, we live in two different worlds.Grandpa’s thin bone that hold up to the body frame, always give you the feeling of possible dumping.You do not have to rely on, this is reality.You grow up, I want you to understand reality, even if you have a wish it across, but may not be successful.You have to stand and wait agonizing suffering, and you want to separate the ordinary habits, you have to accept the reality of the harsh and cruel, only that, you can tempered into a steel, liberation from life, and let the body and soul complete liberation and freedom.Children, freedom, just like patched clothes, very plain, but precious.    When your father like this age do not know.    Those belonging to the father of history, you can forget, ignore.But in those games with my father live with you in the same place, the only difference is, according to my father around and educate yourself about the elders, have naughty partner.At school, the parents all know each other’s name.Us crazy noisy, at home, in front of their parents and respectfully, blink and sing.We do not have toys, squeeze the mud from the fields to retrieve a variety of shapes, like pinching Tun Town.Very casual, very happy, very monotonous, very warm.We are not left-behind children, we have a full house.I thought of this, and my chest ache.At this time, the festival has nothing to do with.Happy holidays just a fiction, there is more reason to just meet people’s vanity memory.Each of dull days, as long as you hit my left-behind children, my heart just like in the lead bullets, one side is hysterical howl, questioning the reason behind all this, one side is the endless miss and worry.You ignorant child, I really do not know your future will be like.It makes me scared, terrified, but could do nothing.Society is a machine, I know that society is not playing the nest, you would not do to make society riddled with madness.My concern is that you put a bullet in themselves, do not like children, do not torture yourself like, lost in time, you have to look at us and think about your parents is how to swallow, how firm is different, is how physically block the torrent of time, so you hope in solitude.    Children, do not give up.All you have experienced, we all see in the eyes.We change, or that time, your childhood is over, it does not matter, the child, for the time we have for your children.It is not meaningless, but, at great cost, we know that, in addition, we have no way out.Now, your only task is a happy life.Yes, it is our responsibility.Some people in the community might say we spoil you, pamper you in.It does not matter, Dad willing.Dad just want to see your eyes never melancholy, like in the festival are the same joke every day, do what you love, love the elders, forget time.If you can grow up to remember the childhood joy of life, you already have a huge amount of energy, and you will face the vibrant life of the status quo.The gloating of the city and the experts, they are far away from us, the worthless.    Baby who, no matter how my father, my father has only one wish, regardless of the amount of substance, no matter how much money, no matter what the future, you should be happy, it is your right!    When I walk through the long hallway, I felt lonely.I like the home of an abandoned child, chasing them with my family, I asked whereabouts.I like a fugitive, my body with heavy penalties.Corridor, all the doors are closed, frosted glass doors is very delicate, very hypocritical, as the city faces, very clear, in fact, see through, see, just own pair of colors.This is the world, my son, is the world!I am a little shaky, but very strong heart.Children, all this will change, as the countryside you can see, I will change it, change the desolate like an angel.Dad with you, as in the inner feelings, we are always the same, children.We bless you, and your perception of growth, although four are blank, but you like a bullet, it has been embedded in our souls.No matter where we are in a place you can not see with your peers.    2010.6.1 [Editor: Butterflies]