Encounter beautiful

Encounter beautiful, poetic.Moon water, mist flower.Dance waves, Sunset painting, waterfront properties, twilight places sunset.Rising sun, bamboo dripping dew, walking cheer as the gallery.Light pick up memory, the passage of time, with pen Qing Yin spiritual books, with a gentle chord played one after another passionate song.I firmly believe that every day, and will be beautiful encounter!    ———————————– Inscription beautiful, with extraordinary mood Tuochen.As light as a mist of color yarn, with a quaint charm, fingers wrapped around my persistent pursuit of life.Think about the next stop in beautiful colorful umbrella with colorful flowers, graceful and beautiful to meet and encounter.    The return of spring, all things complex Shu, Liu embankment Tulv, peach fight charming, time to poetry, while aromatic flavor overflowing in the air.Fingers gentle scent of ink soft, warm breeze Yang Yi dance.Grass covered, the spring breeze encounter encounter beautiful, beautiful predictable, so warm and happy.    Summer evening, walking in a small way, Yang Liu Ruyan, like the last ray of sun that brilliant, stroking staring face, as gentle and beautiful encounter.It is picturesque sunset view, sunset breeze drunk.Wen Wan Yongya rhyme, ink of youth.    Under the bright summer sun, marching soft sand, facing the elegant light dance of the sea breeze, sailing between the water clouds, gentle waves of any Pina dance, stroking every inch of my skin, wet my drift show hair, wind flowing skirt Dangqi like ocean waves, like flowers, I infinitely gentle thoughts Pianfei Yi, Yi Qing Wu took away the soul overflow waves, this time with a beautiful dream embraced dependency.    Autumn, flocks of pigeons flying pulling my eyes to fly together on the blue sky, white clouds rolling layers overlap in the sky, like Penglai, occasionally see the shuttle in the clouds come and go fairy light dance elegant.Around exudes fresh air, and floated in a thick aromatic breeze.Yami scenery, elegant thinking Yi.    Night, beautiful encounter between the text sent me getting better, secluded month Yingying night, stars, as bright as lamps, silently meditate, pick graceful dream, thousands of families brought together, the joy of playing light strings, builds better , as beautiful as everyone notes into a chord, Yin poem heart chord played singing.Encounter beautiful, life Cantabile!    Jade snow, took me to a beautiful winter morning, the snow outside the window gently float in the air, pure as jade; prime butterfly Pianfei, gentle dream.Snow, the world’s silence; silence tells winter snow fairy tale, touched every heart..When I came in quietly, which is the world crystal different world, catches the eye of Rime landscape is really sublime.Like sculptor through carefully crafted, this time, the beautiful gently in the dust of the dance, the encounter in the silence of the winter and I meet and the case, gently into the depths of my heart.    Embark on the road of life, such as note after another rather indirect, with the fragrance of ink writing chapter in life in the face of life, the ideal to strive hard to make life shine bright luster, so beautiful into the road of life, and write the most touching chapters, interpretation of the most glorious road of life.    Life filled with the background color colorful life, trouble is not discouraged efforts to struggle and continue to learn, in the cause of the fire refining, forging tough personality, rigorous own conduct, not afraid of hardships and ups and downs; in stress when dealing with people of integrity courteous, sincere and selfless dedication, touched each other with honesty, toughness is a beautiful, beautiful cup of delicious sweet nectar Yulu.Encounter beautiful, human warmth.    Let us cherish life each day, with a hard-working hands to create a better future, to gain life in the most beautiful scenery, beautiful is the rising sun, interpretation of the most touching stories on the big stage of life, beautiful rainbow between clouds bright, rainbow Zuiwo between clouds, mountains, according to the water Pik Yi Lian.God help if the beautiful dream, is pleased to swim to enjoy leisure.With the mind slowly sublimate!    Walk the road of life, walking on the title page of the four seasons, beautiful spring with you and I go hand in hand, rush of, water flower death; permanent spiritual spring.Beautiful world, colorful way of life, I want every note to life filled my life respondents.Or high, or low, or warm, or plaintive; jumping, filled with every story, every experience.Qing Yin books with pen soul, with chord played one song after another song gentle passion.I firmly believe that every day, and will be beautiful encounter!