World Peach Blossom Fan “and” Dream of Red Mansions “in

– Letter to the winter and spring of the five winter brother: for your first, second letter, I mentioned the “Peach Blossom Fan” of the world and “Dream of Red Mansions,” the two concepts of the world – not my “inventions” but modern literary critic, esthetician Kingdom of the initiative: he put the ancient Chinese literature in these two masterpieces likened to two different worlds, says the former ‘homeland of Qi’, which has “thinking of life.”.Therefore, “Peach Blossom Fan” is also political, but also national, history also; “Dream of Red Mansions”, also philosophy, the universe also, literature also.    As I understand it, you can also say that one is “WTO” in the world, one is “born” in the world; one is “Confucius and Mencius,” the world, one is “Meanwhile,” the world; one is “the Roman world “One of the world ‘Greece’ in.Former director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Mr. Liu Zaifu in literature “were enlightened world,” a book made on this interpretation of the symbolic meaning again, Liu said more and daughter Liu Jianmei’s book: “Modern Chinese Literature only” Peach Blossom fan “dimension, that only” political, national, historical “dimension, and the lack of” Dream of Red Mansions “dimension, namely the lack of philosophy (inquiry of the meaning of existence), the dimensions of the universe (the inquiry of God and nature) of.Chinese literature in the 20th century state, but “Peach Blossom Fan” status, it did not really enter Greece and Helen Lin’s “Dream of Red Mansions”, it lacks the guidance of Venus and Lin Daiyu these women of God, the absence of exquisite beauty goddess representatives of various aesthetic dimension and timeless charm. “.    After 1989 to settle in the United States in recent years, Mr. Liu Zaifu continuously published several works of great impact in Chinese intellectual, intellectual, literary, such as “rafting Notes”, “west to knock”, ” Monologue End of the world “,” Wu total of the world “and so on.Not long ago I sent you a “total human enlightenment,” I do not know no reading?I hope this book will become your pillow book, I hope this book can also have a significant impact on your journey through life, I hope you find this book to make the world loves.- 2004 loss in my lonely days and nights, it is this from the bottom of human truth, love of “father and daughter two books,” Fan then wake me – going to create, build, describe their true loves world!Thus, only my return, only to give you these “lamp Whispers”.    Mr. Liu Zaifu topic to talk about the future, or below it says let us laugh, “Zhou Guoping” – did not think you bought his “pure wisdom”, we have taken yet?    Web authors comment, saying: pseudo-book list, three sad: one said reader is sad: that now there are two best-selling books, is the book written by celebrities or celebrity to write a book.In the final analysis the interests of the drive.Another reflection of the readers of blindness, that blindly chasing celebrity, celebrities and believe that excessive dependence, lack the necessary resolving power, buying books is not “taste before you buy,” but look at the name on the buy, which Some uncivilized publishers to provide an opportunity.    Second is the author’s sad: because of his little-known, and no ability to underwrite books, Which publishers are willing to publish it yourself?But the name on his manuscript department celebrity, is not the case, there may be only sell list.But the real heart of the manuscript is not practical, could have been his newborn son, but others have to call Dad, taste definitely feel good, although the hides on a business to royalties, the heart must be very sour.    The third is the publishing house of sorrow: as a national regular publishing house, has also played some “technical content” so low in the game, people can not help but wonder IQ Press editorial staff.In fact, publishers before the “figurines”, should have been able to consider the final outcome, in any case to court, how collecting evidence, how sophistry, it is of the same name and so on, eventually publishing house certainly wipe the more darker.    The author’s surname Dong thinking from the front angle of view is correct.But from the side perspective, I think the press and the “Zhou Guoping”, the reader has done a good thing, because “pure wisdom” came out, I still firmly believe that a good book, a division let people subjective people, hypocritical people, simple people, who closed, passive people awakening book; is an open book of wisdom, a philosophical rather than full flow in the preaching of the book; how people experience the joy of a book; a people self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, self-police, let the mind wandering home book – this book Enlightenment!In an authoritarian system, in culture fools, such rare books, publishers and authors may only choose this method, the effect of the spread became apparent, it was far-reaching significance – this is not anti paradox called as “unique” cultural landscape it?I look forward to praise this book appears sound.    And Zhou Guoping “very bad, nonsense,” and “this cultural garbage no matter who wrote it, publishers should not let it published” Words of anger, is not it arbitrary and petty?    The story of the beginning of the Year of the Rooster taste.    Jianmin Shi night in April 2005