A little labor body odor

[REVIEW] see these men blink of an eye, is the return of Gregory; politicians to lead the political arena; writer poets have left immortal masterpieces handed down, or articles, or one, all ring name later; learning at home are willing to learn, study among them, or the study of philosophy.Sinology.Or study Dream of Red Mansions, but the results Jie, Feng Jie gifts.    Since I grew up in a poor peasant, so from an early age along with his family work in the fields.As time goes by, the age of the quiet long, gradually I followed his father picked up the child manual labor to make money.Which I still remember the bitter sweet, and often it quietly recall.    I remember that year, I happened to be admitted to the county high school.At that time our entire county are mainly oriented to the development of the fruit industry.Especially apples.Famous for pears.Every season of ripe fruit, fruit merchants all over the world will pour.Our village is multi-fruit business, there are four of Gwacheon, Hunan.Hubei, etc..They have agents in the village people.Such packaging fruit when nature provides an opportunity to the villagers to make money.    Women who helped the fruit to packing apple, fruit merchants to help the men packed apples loaded into trucks to move up.Sometimes concentrate supply, put together four or five characters, at most, four or five hours to get.Doing it ten share at least 34 per person.Very profitable mile.Even my poor body lean students also earned it several times it.    These coolies earn money, to me, although very tired, but there are always too tired after harvest.    Every Friday a holiday school.As long as the village people call me dad loading, my dad is my first consideration.Although each reluctantly, but anti-arms, but the thigh, had to go along.If every time two pounds to ten pounds of fruit boxes, I still be able to stand, if the big box three pounds or large bags of fruit, I will suffer.While loading can barely sustain, if continue, I’m really going to exhausted.To be honest, I was described as: “three feet micro life, a scholar”.Those heavy work to make money, I really can not do.    One Sunday loading time, I still can not forget.Almost dark days, but I still wore tattered clothes, dirty face was flushed and tired.Carts are parked on village road.Looking at my age students are riding a bicycle, talking and laughing happily rush to the school; but I was excited tie in the never-ending coolie labor in my heart to the pan on a nameless uncomfortable.Silently he complains: “My body is a long, good times they have learned, as you can not love about a father’s own flesh and blood when it?You earn less money for others to lose a little, leaving your son when the cost of living is not enough yet?”I was here, I was on the sick.The delivery time up fruit, naturally looked very sad.Because my body is thin, every time the delivery of fruit boxes, they want to earn blushing holding bags of fruit, desperately belly along the top edge of large wagons up.However, other people stevedores, gently stroke will go up.Maybe I’m powerless to struggle, be it fruit merchant noticed.He came over, his face smiled and said: “Boy, how much do you?This live you okay?”Having to snicker while.Heard the sarcastic laughter, I was more than taste.Dad nagging me to teach me a little Offer!”Push it dry, tired dead people” coming to an end, also coming to the dark.It was the depths of winter night, twilight has long been weeping.Schools can not make it.While slaving away thirty yuan holds the hands of hard-earned money, but I had physically and mentally exhausted, back home, not even rice to eat, sleep bed down.    Until the next morning it was still dark, and braved the cold Inspired by old bike to rush to the county schools.All the way to the cold, desolate covered with frost, teach people to endless bitter cold.To the school, the students had class, and then another head teacher accused of criticism.Class is also listless, it can be described as: “Life hardship”.Although the cost of living has more than head, however poor appetite, eating is not fragrant smell.It can be described as: “Bitter carry on.”.    Years, such as flow, too quiet spatiotemporal.After four years of time to, although I have entered the universities, to renew the way of reading.Then come back every holiday homecoming.As long as there is money in the village of manual labor, I still go labor.Perhaps prematurely tired too far, I did not grow under the head, and then to have the age, whatever the outcome, sharpen lot.Three pounds big boxes worth mentioning, four pounds of fruit bags worth mentioning, I have long been accustomed.Move it on the train the moment, no longer face reddened, nor the sad.But a calm and composed, peace of mind.Competent worth mentioning, can not do good, took people’s money, it should be for other people to get things done, or you do not promise people.Although at the moment, no fruit’s sneers, and no father angry and denounced.Every dry hands down more than half the money than in the past.However, the heart often pain.    See these men blink of an eye, is the return of Gregory; politicians to lead the political arena; writer poets have left immortal masterpieces handed down, or articles, or one, all ring name later; learning at home are willing to learn, and study where or Research philosophy.Sinology.Or study Dream of Red Mansions, but the results Jie, Feng Jie gifts.Only the farmers of the whole world, although coolie labor to obtain food and clothing, and then most often cultivated in the field, their backs loess, sun roof surface.Over the past few years, handsome old girl, also no longer beautiful; tall and handsome old young man, lost in the past Jun gas and style.After another few years, it is withered old face, getting white hair on the temples, the former beautiful glory are gone, only quietly approaching twilight.    All this is caused by a different division of labor.From ancient times, the mental is always far superior to manual labor elegant.Mental wealth created its own efficiency, manual labor is incomparable.As the saying goes: “There is Chi Chi eat, no intellectual difficulty.”.For me, though many times been tempered by manual labor, has also made a small return.However, deep down I still feel Wu: “All things are beneath contempt, only high school.”.Youth should make good reading, reading is indeed a good thing.Ancient scholar Zeng a lifetime of reading music is not he.He deeply realized enlightening reading not only of self-cultivation, but also beauty.Almost from childhood grew up reading people, too lanky repairable.Handsome face is Kiyotoshi beautiful, bright eyes more Jiong God, it seems full of infinite wisdom; from an early age to engage in physical labor grew in almost all of the people, though its able-bodied concept, however pale gray eyes Chaos.Rengeyouzhi However, not everyone love reading.Sometimes watching the children living in the village extremely wealthy, but quit school early.Shaohua be wasted on such a young, really regrettable.    To me, I still feel deeply appreciate Wu, reading is an elegant activity, it is a pleasure working!Whatever the result, the process itself is a happy thing.[Editor: Yi children]