A Red, a dash of clouds

Snap Red connected clouds.Who wrote the butterfly monument?Who 千年等一回?    Red always have too many dreams, who is in a dream and Forever at your feet?Red Dust always have too many tears, is who would you gently wipe away?  Life glass of wine, how to drink is drunk.A thing of the past, frankly to face.Evening alone lean on a railing, watch the flowers bloom, is a calm.Going through marshes, watch the people coming and going, but also a calm.  River sunset, desert border that curved coldest month, if brought back over your grand ambitions?Jiangnan misty rain, bluestone lanes that paper umbrella, whether dense with you their love?  How much frost, how helpless, how to find, how much heartbreak.In the mortal world are precarious, in the mortal world are filled with lengthy.Reading through, get rid of.  In the depths of the Red, you can do it Shizumori a quiet beauty?Not hate, vanity fetters.In the depths of the Red, you can do it calmly write a?Not to be troubled by secular dust.Gone with the Wind is the long dust, wind and leaving a faint mood.Many times, in the hustle and bustle of the Red World, burden our hearts desire tranquility, we look forward to pure heavy soul.Those living off guard hurt and pain, always moisture and prolonged surging in my heart.Waiting for you to appreciate slowly, waiting for you to chew hard.  Cold tears with the wind, fluttering like water falling.Once a touch of sweet, like a brilliant fireworks.Former prime Nalv on Seiki, in Dimei, the silence has been cold, turned into clouds.Southern rain, sentimental tears, a mallet Drum hoary past lives, rainy youthful monopoly of empty Kate Yen.Colorful rain falls, beloved into mourning, how many people are lonely figure back and forth and back and forth in a poignant love story.  Kazamaki banana, pear shed.Pipa, Dimei letter formalities on Listen xunyang river continued playing.Eau rouge, the concentration of pessimism.who is it?Dressed in white, three thousand Rose, accompany you write lingering?Terraced rice paddies in the mortal world silently waiting for you?Life is short, ma’am.Those romantic romantic encounters and those most beautiful encounter, can be turned into the quiet waves, desolate Cantabile.  A Red, why ask with non?Dash of clouds, why ask to go and stay?Yasumori years, shallow time.How many the most beautiful scenery you still!