Accept the baptism of the sun

Selfless mother land and the sun would have agreed, were baptized her children on earth.It needs sun angel baptism filled with luggage, ready tomorrow morning giving gifts to mother earth.  Village big cock sun would probably be the most loyal admirers, the dawn sky just exudes a flush edge, it can not wait to urgently fly low wall, like shouting “I’m here -” “Oh, oh , oh – “playing the Ming.The sun would set off luggage and hurried back up, just above the top of the head to put the first ray of sunshine gave it.It excited red head held high top Rouguan, straining expansion of the body’s feather quill, so colorful feathers accept the baptism of the sun, he kept his mouth issued a “crow” calm, comfortable, since the words of gratitude from voice.  The sun would smile came to the garden, the flowers will be heard as a ballet dancer waltzes, all Angtou chest full of energy, the sun would look forward for their baptism.  Chinese rose like a bit of tranquility amongst women, his own face stained with morning dew shy, prettily Looking up the sun.Sunshine Angels lovingly try to figure out it was delicate petals, it’s like the bride into the bridal chamber, submissive undress broadband bridegroom, slowly stretched suede petals children, respectfully listen to the teachings of the sun would.  Tiger Lily Flower Pieliaopiezui the rose, it could not understand the kind of artificial obsequiousness.Trying to hold back the breath of life flowing passion petals child distraction, the more orange petals hold more red, the sun would see that it is impatient temper, he shouted a voice petal distraction crack “open” it was six with a beauty spot petals children, and I feel I am so excited to open too far, all of a sudden turn to the back of the petals are face, the flowers have to see it funny unique flower-shaped, hehe laughed together.It did not ignore those well-intentioned good laugh, shake hands behind leisurely six filaments on the anther bell, bell playing with the rhythm for the singing bee.Its bell awakened the flowers open flowers are declining, they are no longer able to lift melancholy petals children, but still as they drop on the battlefield cavalry heard the horn, barely forced myself to the sun with a smiling face Gazette.Sunshine Angels hurried to shivering children bowed petals of the flowers are covered with a warm veil, they serene contentment and closed his eyes nostalgia.  Epiphyllum buds while bathed in sunshine baptism, pouted while blowing saxophone music.Lilac purple white hydrangea, releasing the baptism in the pungent aroma of the child, the sun angel it brings out the flavor of far, far away.  The sun would just out of the garden, it was a poplar stopped his path, let it warm sunshine angel carefully flipping every leaf, probably the sun angel white belly tickling the back of the leaves, the leaves are whirring Lala sang song.  The sun would finally came to earth like a long lost friend insertion of the handle of the land of life, land mother perceives the sun’s warmth and gave his blessing, they tightly together hand, a long time do not want to let go.The sun would put the entire luggage in the eyes of the angels pouring to the mother land, leaving Shihai Xinshou bomb shattered a few naughty soil Ke La.  Under a clear sky, enough to live comfortably you walk in the street, you would not bother to warm sunshine baptism.If you had some bad luck and setbacks, frustrating when you stand under the shadow of the cold sky, suddenly, the sun would cut through the clouds to give you a bunch of sunshine pouring, you will perceive that warm hand, as you open up a bright sunny window fan.When you are lonely, depressed lying on the cold bed, and suddenly, out of the window there is a ray of sunshine to visit you come, you will immediately feel the warmth of the sun with the language and you chat, sweep your heart sad cowardly.  Sunshine would like to accept the baptism of the people, industrious Endeavor essential quality, only full physical and mental health of the people, to feel the energy of the sun after the baptism of plenty, will receive the sun would lose to the light, warmth and energy up.Even if there is no “magic cup grape wine,” the Zhuanghang also like old people not of spontaneous bravery.Every day the sun rises to greet baptized, will have a ruddy-faced, will have a broad chest, you will have a clear mind and indifferent gas.Baptized the sun, can scour your heart go despicable, ruthless jealousy in the dark, because you are accumulating a noble person doing the required quality.  Hopefully the sun full of energy, hard-working kind of people resident in the atrium, resident in ordinary years Fenzhi’s best years.What do you hesitate?Sunshine Angels go tomorrow morning to accept the baptism of it!