Also remember that year Zongye incense

But also to the Dragon Boat Festival, the annual Dragon Boat Festival, originally carrying a nostalgia for a nation of ancient Chester, this festival had some interpretation of how much change and today, the rapid development of today, the pressures of life, rhythm changes that people only seek a little casual in some festival, some breathing time, and the original meaning of the festival were becoming not as important. My memories of the Dragon Boat Festival, is the childhood left in the fragrance of bamboo leaves shrouded in a deep impression.Dragon Boat Festival on the eve of that time, there will be many of the streets on sale bamboo leaves, the green bamboo leaves, always bundles of pink one, each piece of palm leaf like shape of a sword, slender through the green, so green, somewhat thick, lush green, with a plume of clear aroma, very attractive. Fresh bamboo leaves people to buy back, at first on the water cleaning, then cooking in the pot, cooked after the bamboo leaves, accompanied by the fragrance of bamboo leaves, under the leadership of her mother, the family put the soaked glutinous rice, jujube, peanuts…Well put together the package into overflowing with the aroma of bamboo leaves in. Most of the triangular shape of dumplings, unskilled children are always anxious, how they have tried not so beautiful mother bag, fine, the side not sow rice, bamboo leaves is messed up, my mother is not angry, always soft say: be careful not to get sprinkled with rice.So I will calm down a little, watching the dancing and green bamboo leaves turning in her mother’s hands, twinkling of an eye will have a good package dumplings, and I will be in the next dumplings bulging into the big pot, one by one neatly.Good dumplings in the upper row, and finally my mother would wash the egg dumplings into the gap, and then with dumplings and cook together for a long time, the next morning, wakes up a houseful of aroma, smelling the aroma, stand up get up, that one cooked dumplings and eggs have been quietly on the table, curl fluttering seductive fragrance… Years later, grown up, every Dragon Boat Festival, or the mother wrapped dumplings called to let go home and get back home, sit down and ate, ate and then took the mother packed dumplings and eggs, also often somewhat reluctantly, always say no, do not want to eat, my mother always did not hear was like, it’s already installed, I had to take home.And when a year of the Dragon Boat Festival, a burst of fun, watching the filled dumplings always feel something is missing, so look for a lot of places, and finally bought a few bamboo leaves and green, with hours of memory, thinking his mother program operation, wash, cooking, soak rice, then sit package.The results of a few packets bamboo leaves finish, has tired of back pain, not straight up.At this point I feel that my mother, think of so many years of the Dragon Boat Festival, the mother of a man has been wrapped, sent the, calling each of the children to go home to eat dumplings.Now turn to the Dragon Boat Festival a year, another year of emotions, often coming Dragon Boat Festival, dumplings floating in the air, not just the aroma, as well as mother’s ardent call: from work to go home, come back to eat dumplings!