Autumn rain a worry

Millennium vicissitudes of history, reincarnation, blood horses galloping, long sand dust of the world’s, who had a real heart for the twilight world of man described Boudoir, feeling it man?In this Intrigue, a time when early autumn, the cold wind Sese, autumn bursts, Jue autumn rain, mixing with the autumn to ink, pen in hand prime for the world of men, but also for themselves, a curtain waterfall pouring in Acacia.    Advent of what love is, straight people Shengsixiangxu.Flying off from different places, the old wing back a few cold and heat, summer and winter several times, Huan fun, bitter parting.On the monarch should do more crazy children, vague Miles stratus Qianshan twilight snow, only to who is going to shadow, only to who is going to shadow?    ”An amorous word, ashamed that I no know, I do not know who left Acacia song?Just want to ask whether man or woman suspect too thin Xin?Came to earth, we will first drink early love this cup of poisoned wine, who would say that love is not a Red, who say not a discrete return, or for fame or fortune, or for the future, in short, no matter for what?People in this life is to be spent in joy and everything, bitter parting, as we read the word on the walk, read on the Red extravagant idea, doomed to for a number of invisible, intangible things have to walk back and forth life?    Acacia into my door, know I missed her greatly, Sauvignon Blanc Sauvignon Blanc Xi, Xi Acacia short of infinite own.A person no matter how much you heroic, the heart will be sent rolled a sad, but to the light, to light, to be hidden in the day carousing if Chunchi Jian, after every storm, leaving only a touch of the Rainbow the rainbow.Just I do not know, hazy mist, the entrainment of what should be?Buddha said all revel, so why is its own origin, I do not want to be this blunt words, the implant that a peaceful and quiet pond, stir this piece of barren.And support a green umbrella in the rain to do music, but also to try once, during that heroic mountains and rivers, to care about a life and death encounter last we know that living in the fog that a ray of Acacia.    Far away, a long time, have been so under the rain, neither fast nor slow, thorough heart clap of thunder shock, frightened, not afraid of thunder and lightning and body meet, is the fear fright history of those passing rain.I reunited with them, only in the moment between dumping, go through the this autumn, in future reunion but I do not know what day?    Hope there is beauty Come, see did not forget.One day not seeing Come, think of them like crazy.Worldly love, yin and yang Ho together, like a autumn, rain fell to the rain, is a short-lived love, and engraved in the soul’s memory is forever.You are good to me I know, I’m on your mind like this ancient herb, do not change over the years.Xin thin man not because of heartless, but did not want to hurt each other deeper and deeper the hate of love deeper, to the deep love to hate when party.A relationship, in relation to take advantage of the time to grasp, if one day you want to feel when it is missed, it is a sense of loss let her go!Not love, but love too, can be happy watching people you love, it is a kind of deep love, sometimes have been let go but will make each other happy.Need is love each other, rather than lingering between life and death.History of men who smoke, it is understood this truth was not so greedy world of love, will pay to build all their lives in pleasure and pain of life and death in people, exhausting their lives.    Pine end is not wide, to eliminate the human emaciated by.Wang Guowei in the Department of Human Words once in three phases, this is the one.To love a man deep in order to write such words came, just as a person to how crazy, dare to write like this – like in the heavy rain.Even if there are hold umbrellas, but the rain had soaked the whole body, turned into tears, immersed in the body along the skin, flow through the body in the blood.Perhaps only after you immersive only understand.All this bustling world of wind and rain, cold and warm day and night, happens for a reason, whether you believe it or not, there are too many things really can not explain.Like these years men, their life and death have been written already been set, and then almost the only difference is the length of the world, and the process of it.Maybe we are not to ask, why should love each other in the Red?He was like a cup of poisoned wine, ask, the more deep poisoning.Love flowers so much poison, it would be better to say the feeling itself is a kind of poison, no one would say in its name, I will not ask what it was asked to come into the world, make you so obsessed with me, in short, we inadvertently It has been poisoned, and hurt so deep?All-inclusive world, who can give it everything an ending, maybe you and I revel is the best choice to learn compassion of the world to the heart of tolerance of people, in a peaceful eyes see the world , is appeared in front of a quiet.Similarly deal with feelings, we should also learn to sincerely and learn to let go and revel.    The sudden storm has done, and I’m just a ordinary man, we can not let the rain again, to write the world women’s writing, on the road when I walked over to dissipate at the end of the intersection.